• About ADP1612-5-EVALZ raw data(HW design files)

    Dear all

    I cannot find HW design file for ADP1612 Eval B/D( ADP1612-5-EVALZ).

    Please let me know when I get them.

    Best regards

    Lonnie Kim

  • RE: i wants to make an DC voltage amplifier


    As Bob suggested this is some related to power management.

    The ADP1607 boost regulator can generate a bias voltage (2.5V) for another boost regulator like the ADP1612.

    In this case the the ADP1612/13 can boost to 3.3V or 5V from the battery by…

  • ADP1612 output equals input voltage

    I'm using an ADP1612 to take 3VDC and boost it to 12VDC. So I implemented Figure 44 on page 17 of the ADP 1612 datasheet, and I had an experienced  friend do the soldering.

    The problem is, I only get 3VDC on the output.  I apply 3V to the Enable line…

  • RE: ADP8140 Vin range

    Hi m-kun,

    The ADP8140 should always control the power stage, in Figure 35 the ADP8140 controls the boost power stage via ADP1612's FB pin from its own COMP pin. This means that you shouldn't hit the OVP fault since the ADP8140 will adjust the output of…

  • RE: 450V with 1mA generation from an input voltage of 5V to 12V input

    Hi Bivin,

    You are get the LTspice files in LTC website.

    About the regulator, please check ADP1612/13. Datasheet and design tools are available in website.

    You may also take a look at application note AN-1126.

  • RE: Buck-boost converter

    Hi Tretan,

    The ADP1612 SEPIC is a good fit for your design. The ADP161x Coupled-SEPIC Design Tool is available and can be found from ADISIMPOWER DESIGN CENTER.

    Best regards,


  • Boost converter recommendation

    Do you have any DC to DC (Boost converter ) for battery powered  applications
    for unregulated input voltage between 1.8 volts to 4.5 volts, regulated (or
    fixed)3.3V output ,Current limits up to 300mA and high efficiency and low
  • AEC-Q100 for LT / ADP


    I am currently looking into the part like LT8610 & ADP1612.

    We found most LT components has automotive temperature "H" grade selection.

    However, we does not find any info regarding to AEC-Q100.

    Does "H" grade represent the AEC-Q100…

  • RE: 求DC-DC升压方案

    ADP1111, ADP1612/13/14或许满足你的需求



  • RE: ADAS3022 Recommended Circuit Help

    Hi codigwe,

    Seems you follow the recommended setting for the reference circuit.It should be able to power the ADR435 with a  +15V supply. . Aside from ADAS3022 and ADR435 what other components connected to this? it draw current if the total impedance excess…