• ADP160-IGND Max

    In the ADP160/ADP161/ADP162/ADP163 datasheet, table 1 states IGND maximum @
    Iout=10mA is 19uA, but in the figure 16 IGND @ Iout=10mA can be 100uA (when Vin
    is 3.3v).

    Can you clarify?


    The parameters in Table 1 are only valid for…
  • ADP160 Photosensitive?

    We have some ADP160 1.8v regulators in a gps receiver design and were puzzled when the bare receiver boards were failing when tested outside.  After extensive investigation it would appear that the ADP160 regulators shutdown under direct sunlight, and…

  • how do i decrease Iq with adp160

    Hello Sir,

    i have designed a power supply circuit based on ADP160AUJZ-3.0, the circuit diagram is below

    PWR_BATT is Vin = 4.5V

    PWR_RTC is Vout = 3.0V

    The result is:

    1. when load current is 3uA, Iq = 87uA

    2. when no load on output port, Iq > 8…

  • ADP160 drop out not meeting specs when testing EVAL board

    I recieved this question from a customer that is testing the ADP160UJZ-REDYKIT

    I installed the 2.8V regulator (that was what all the bags were about – the different voltage value regulators – needed to install your own).

    The board comes up and runs…

  • RE: ADP5090 output power rating


    if you use ADP160, the maximum current should 150mA.

    if you don't use ADP160 and just use SYS to power your system load with the supercap directly, we recommend the current not higher than 800mA. You have to consider the voltage drop of the supercap…

  • RE: AD8232 not outputting any signal

    Hi Harryh,

    Uhm it is an LD1117, and I did measure the 3.3V across it. But will look at ADP160.

    The reason I chose that one is because the output current is 850 mA... Just because it can output that much it doesn't mean it will use it all, it is better…

  • Output voltage between the fixed type and the adjustable type.

    I'm selecting LDO now .

    When I look at ADP1710 and ADP160/1 datasheet, I've got something to make sure about some specification.
    Is anyone help me to figure out?

    No1,  In ADP1710's fixed output type ,  its output accuracy is specified at ±2…

  • LDO enable level and leakage current

    Does an LDO (ADP150 or ADP160) consume any significant additional quiescent/leakage current due to the enable pin that is driven high at a voltage level lower than VIN? Example: VIN=4V; EN=3V

  • RE: ADP160ACBZ-2.75-R7

    Hi Navar,

    Based from your observations, looks like the VIN has been damage that's why the device is consuming more current than expected. It may be due to an over-voltage or ESD that partially damage the protection diodes that caused the input impedance…