• RE: ADP151ACPZ-1.8 exposed pad connection in adjustable output voltage operation mode

    Hi Osipov-ae,

    Connect the EPAD to the PCB GND where the ADP151 GND pin is also connected.

    Best Regards,

  • Can AD820 "NC" be grounded?

    I'm using the AD820 in a loop filter in an RF circuit and I would like to maximize the ground plane area. Can the "NC" pins on the AD820 (SOIC-8) be grounded without ill effects? I am also using the ADP151 voltage regulator. Since the datasheet for the…

  • RE: 有奖“示爱”行动——谈谈那些让你爱爱爱爱不完的电路


  • RE: If I use Raspberry pi or Arduino instead Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RX62N, will it work for 12 lead application?

    Hello Anagha,

    As a minimum, you will need to provide supplies for AVDD and IOVDD. As you know ADCVDD and DVCC can be supplied from on chip regulators.

    The evaluation board was designed to operate primarily from a +5V incoming supply (to suit the wall…

  • RE: AD9912 power supply


    In general I would point you to the ADIsimPower tool for identifying your best options

    Here are a few options for you in the meantime:

    - For the 14.8V to 5V you can use the ADP2370 or the ADP2300 (1/2/3)

    - For the LDO from 5V to 3.3V we have…

  • RE: ADAS 1000 comunicates dut doesn't send digitized values


    I use two ADP151 3.3V for the IOVDD and AVDD, I think, they won't let any higher voltage on AVDD and IOVDD lines. The supply voltage for the two ADP151 is 5V from laptop USB. The STM32 board gets the same 5V and it has it's own 3V on board regulator…

  • Voltage Regulator for 16-bit ADC AD7626

    We are looking for an appropriate low-noise, low-drop voltage regulator to
    power the 16-bit ADC AD7626. Which device is a better fit : ADP3334 (5V, 2.5V)
    or ADP7104 (5V, 2.5V)? Is there any other voltage regulator that is more
  • Recommended regulators for ADI PLLs and VCOs

    PLL Recommended regulator
    Low power standalone PLLs and the ADF4360-x narrowband PLL/VCO family (< 100 mA); e.g. ADF41xx, ADF42xx, ADF4360-x

    Use the ADP150 regulator; good performance, low cost.


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  • AD7746读出数据漂移