• ADP151 LDO Damage

    We have a system with a Buck regulator with a 3.3V output driving several paralleled ADP151's each feeding separate sections of circuitry to act as a low noise supply.  Each ADP151 is fed through a ferrite bead and bypass capacitor.  We are having problems…

  • ADP151 Thermal Resistance


    The thermal resistance Theta_JA of ADP151 in LFCSP package is inconsistent in page 5 (63.6 C/W) and 15 (>91.8 C/W) of the datasheet. Any clarification is appreciated.

  • ADP151 for Dual Power Supply

    Dear forum,

    I just wondered if it is possible to use the low noise voltage regulator ADP151 for a dual power supply. I would source -5V to the GND pin and 0V to IN for the negative output, while on the positive side everything 's normal.


  • Use ADP151 in a wired or configuration

    We are using ADP151 in a dual supply environment. We have one 2.8-3.6V battery
    supply which is limited to 2.8V by an ADP151 and a 3.3V supply.
    We want to connect the 3.3V supply to the ADP151s output through a diode. The
    output voltage will be about…

  • ADP7104 and ADP151 input and output Capacitor

    Dear support,

    in my design I use ADP7104 and ADP151 linear regulator.

    In the figure 2 on pag.1 of the ADP7104 datasheet it reports an Electrolytic Capacitor, if I correctly understand,

    but on pag. 17 of the datasheet, it is written that ceramic…

  • ADP151 draws high current with output capacitor; outputs +0,2V without


    I designed three ADP151 LDOs (two 2,5V and one 1,8V) into my latest circuit.

    Yesterday I got the PCBs and was suprised in a way.

    All three are drawing too high currents without loads. If I would let them they would draw more than 100mA (I tried…

  • 关于ADM7155和ADP151噪声比较的问题

    两款LDO都标明为极低噪声,ADM7155的Datasheet里给出的10Hz~100KHz的积分噪声为1.6uV rms,而ADP151给出的10Hz~100KHz的积分噪声是9uV rms。 也即ADM7155的噪声性能应该好于ADP151,但是同时ADM7155给出的噪声功率谱却比ADP151差很多:ADP151的噪声功率谱密度始终低于1nV/rHz,但是ADM7155频率到10KHz以上后才会到1.5nV/rHz,如下面两图:


  • Power supplies design of AD9208BBPZ-3000


    My customer is designing a power circuit for AD9208BBPZ-3000.

    The recommanded power voltages for AD9208 are shown in the table below.

    However, AD9208 evaluation board schematic in ADI web supplied 1.8V for AVDD2, DRVDD2 and SPIVDD.

      1. Could customer…

  • RE: ADP150 and capacitor choise

    Got it. The selected components are good. It will be better if C3 can parallel with C4. In addition, for the layout of ADP151, please place ADP151 close to the chip need powered. Thank you. 

  • RE: AD9548 Dev Board Power Supplies

    Hi Andy,

    We recommend the ADP151, which is a higher current version of the ADP150:


    Also, the linear team has just introduced the 300mA ADP7102 & 500mA ADP7104…