• ADP150 and capacitor choise

    I am building an voltage source with an ADP150.

    According the datasheet I need to use capacitors

    with a low ESR for the best results. Ok, SMD is

    not my favorite due all those datasheets. I can

    find the X7R model but can someone tell me

    which type…

  • ADP150 Pulse Load Voltage Drop

    I have the following LDO circuit with an equivalent DC and Pulse load.

    With switch S1 closed the output at VDD shows >10mV of voltage drop during the pulse load .

    The VDD output shows very little voltage drop with S1 open - see waveforms below.


  • OTP Supply Voltage / ADP150 Ldo


    In a design, we originally had ADP150ACBZ-2.6R7 for the OTP supply voltage. This output voltage seems (currently) a bit hard to find so changed to 2.75V since we already used ADP150ACBZ-2.75R7 in our design.

    Anyway, from the BF52x datasheet…

  • adp150输出噪声问题






  • 使用ADP150驱动白光led

    请问使用ADP150芯片datasheet所给的典型电路能否驱动白光led(led的驱动输入为:3.0~3.2V  20mA)

  • 300mA 9uV noise LDO


    Looking for an ultra-low noise similar to the ADP150, but with a current of 300mA LDO, please recommend it.

    Thank you

  • July StudentZone Quiz Solution

    You are still using the standard 7805 to get a stable 5V output?

    Well you need 7V (minimum)  Input Voltage for the 7805

    Let say we need 100mA Output Current.


    Which efficiency you will get from the 7805 versus an LDO like the ADP150?

    Tip: Datasheet…

  • AD9548 Dev Board Power Supplies

    I'm looking at using the AD9548 in a design and I've been investigating power supply requirements. I've noticed that the ADP150 linear regulator is used to supply the 1.8V DVDD Supply. The ADP150 is specified to deliver 150 mA max current, yet the AD9548…

  • Any other ADI parts on the board? (1)

    Any other ADI parts on the board?


    Yes. ADP150 & ADP33334 power management chips.