• ADP125 and ESR values

    Four parallel capacitor 1210-X7R-6.3V-47 uF have ESR 0.0005Ω.
    But the datasheet specifies that Capacitor ESR should be more
    0.001Ω. Can you advise.


    Theoretically the ESR of the multiple ceramic capacitors can get very low, even

  • ADP125: Protection diode required?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm designing a circuit with some ADP125 LDOs for the analog supplies. In the abs. max. ratings, there is a requirement for VOUT:

    VOUT to GND | -0.3V to VIN

    This would clearly indicate that the regulator needs a reverse diode from…

  • AD9691 Power supply recommendations error?

    Power supply recommendation, Figure 83, in the AD9691(Rev 0) datasheet,

    3.3V Input -> ADP2164 (1.8V) -> ADP125 -> AVDD1_SR

    It is normal power supply sequence as I know.

    But in the ADP125(Rev D) datasheet,

    Input voltage supply range of ADP125…

  • AD9371 power supply

    AD9371 Power supply Chains (1.3 V digital, 1.3 V analog, 1.8 V analog, 3.3V analog, VDD_JESD_VTT and VDDA_SER) are derived from ADP5054 where as VDD_IF is derived through an LDO ADP125 from 3.3 V analog supply chain. Is it required to use LDOs for the…

  • RE: AD9371 SPI Problem


    The power supply diagram in above post makes me a little confused. It seems that both FMCA_VDJ and ADP125 output voltage are connected to the VDD_IF. May I ask that VDD_IF in developed board is supplied by ADP125 chip or FMCA_VDJ?  

    In our costumed…

  • RE: ADM7151 doesn't turned off totaly. Why?

      The ADM7151 is connected correctly and you say you have a similar
    issue with the ADP125.  I am thinking that there is another power source
    that is pulling up the LDO outputs via the protection diodes or some other
    leakage path in the loads.  We need to see…

  • RE: 开关电源纹波问题


    目前,我用的主要是LDO ADP124、ADP125、ADP3338,没有找到ADI产品中合适的DCDC

  • RE: LDO regulators in series to provide +/- filtered power rails?

    Thanks LucaV

    I ended up using a device from Linear (LT3015EMSE) for the
    negative rail, and the ADP125 for the positive rail, thanks for the help, I was
    surprised that Analog did not have a solution, it would seem to be a natural to
    complement Analog’s core…