• RE: ADP1074: Looking for *standard* transformer

    DC1963A-LT831048 VIN to 12V/6A Isolated Forward Converter (analog.com)

    The transformer on the above board might work. You need to connect it as pri:sec=1:2.

    You might be able to find a smaller forward transformer with a turns ratio of 1:2.

    The transformer…

  • ADP1074 simulation issue

    When I simulated forward converter which use ADP1074, the circuit doISO_DC_simple.asces not work.. There is no output. What could be the reason?  The attachment is the simulation file.

    Your help is very appreciated!

  • RE: ADP1074 Maximum Frequency

    Is this still true? I see in the ADP1074 datasheet RevD page 6 that the synchronization range is specified as 100-600kHz. Is the datasheet wrong? And can I actually sync it all the way up to 1MHz as the AN-1454 claims?

  • ADP1074


    How to use SIMPLIS files for ADP1074? is there any manual?

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  • ADP1074

    Dear Sir

    How to program the Overlap/ Dead Time between N channel and P channel gate  pulses in ADP1074 , I couldn't find much details about in the datasheet



  • adp1074


    When i running a simulation of ADP1074 with transformer coupling ratio 1,  the signals seems to be fine.

    For example, you can see the transistor (SR1)  gate and the inductor current ok (in phase):

    When i change the transformer coupling ratio from…

  • ADP1074


    What is the reason that the output voltage doesnt reach 15V (as i defined with the feedback resistors), when it gets to platou?

    At the end It do gets to 15V  but it takes a few ms after it reaches the platou.

    How can i fix it?

    I attached a simulation…

  • ADP1074 and current transformer

    Good day Gentelmen,

    I have 1 question. Can I use with ADP1074 with current transformer instead current resistor in flyback topology? It is connected with R ramp and it's calculation.

    Thank you

  • design with adp1074

    I designed a 60-watt converter with Active Clamp flyback topology by using ADP1074, with (18-36)input and output (±24V,1.5A for each output ) and switching frequency is 250KHz.winding ratio is 4:7  and  I use a mosfet in positive line and a diode…

  • ADP1074 Range frequency Syncronization


    We are testing the evaluation board "ADP1074-evalz-ug-1115", controlled by ADP1074. In its datasheet, it is said about the pin SYNC:

    "The SYNC frequency must be within ±10% of the internal oscillator frequency set by the RT pin…