• ADP1071-2 evm 36W 12.1 VOUT

    Hello , I have some questions regarding adp1071-2 evalutaion board for 36 Watt (12V1 Output).

    1) Is there a Ltspice model for the adp-1071-2 controller ? and if not , can you create one?

    2) is there a minimum load condition for the adp-1071-2?

    3)what is…

  • regarding the ADP1071-1/2

    In the datasheet of ADP1071-1/2, the peak gate drive current on GATE and SR pins are not mentioned in the datasheet. Any inputs on this?

  • RE: Are there models of ADP1074 and ADP1071-2 for LTSPICE available?

    The ADP1071-2 will indeed be a good fit for this. The ADP1071-2 is in pre-release status so the full datasheet is not yet available. However, it is exactly similar to ADP1074 (active clamp forward converter) with fewer pins. I suggest you contact the…

  • ADP1071 startup intermittent

    I have worked with an AD FAE on this design.  I have a ADP1071 using a custom BH mag transformer.  Set up to generate +/-12V out. I have several boards that with the populated componets per schemo, no issues, starts right up....other pcbs it wont start…

  • ADP1071-1 : Start Up Behavior

    I'm designing in ADP1071-1 PWM controller to regulate a two-switch flyback auxiliary power converter. As I'm going through the design I've encountered a few gray areas I was hoping to gain some insight on.

    1. The "GATE PIN" of the ADP1071-1…
  • ADP1071-1 evaluation board not working

    Hi i am testing the evaluation board of ADP1071-1 for the first time.

    I am not getting proper output voltages at any laod condition.

    The Vreg1 is showing around 9V and gate pulses are coming when i turned on 24V.

    The pulse width of gate pulse is only…

  • RE: Can you clarify how to set the switching frequency of ADP1071?

    Apologies for the confusion. Please treat R_TOP+R_BOT= R and place R on the RT pin to AGND1. See fig 27 for more details below.


    I will make a change to the datasheet…

  • JPEG Processing - 4:2:2 v 4:2:0?

    My JPEG saga continue...

    I am using a BF561 single core to compress a 640x480 YUV 4:2:2 image into JPEG format, employing the ADI JPEG Library tools.  I am getting very poor performance compared with the reference results from the Spec Sheet.  The Spec…

  • ADV7842 4:2:2 DDR mode, ADV7393: Stanag3350 support?  (2)

    Hello Dave,

    I am facing problems with replies to your answer, so I am oppening a new dicussion with the same title.

    Please clarify your answer regarding STANAG support:

    2) As I understand it, this is the same as RS-343A/EIA-343A and none of our parts…

  • LTC6804-2 and LTC6811-2 reference voltage 1 and 2 at 0V.


    I installed 2x LTC6811-2 and then 1x LTC6804-2 on the same board and I don't have any voltage reference output at anytime. The functional diagram in the datasheets shows that VREF1 should be always present as it's generated from V+. VREF2 is not…