• ADP1071-1 : Start Up Behavior

    I'm designing in ADP1071-1 PWM controller to regulate a two-switch flyback auxiliary power converter. As I'm going through the design I've encountered a few gray areas I was hoping to gain some insight on.

    1. The "GATE PIN" of the ADP1071-1…
  • RE: power supply design.

    Hi Vineet,

    Check out ADP1071-1. That sounds like the perfect part for you. You might be able to get the LT3825 to work as well, although it usually targets the 36V to 72V input range.

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  • RE: Are there models of ADP1074 and ADP1071-2 for LTSPICE available?

    The ADP1071-2 will indeed be a good fit for this. The ADP1071-2 is in pre-release status so the full datasheet is not yet available. However, it is exactly similar to ADP1074 (active clamp forward converter) with fewer pins. I suggest you contact the…

  • RE: “芯”来乍到,求赞、求围观!


    集成了5kV隔离功能的隔离脉宽调制(PWM)控制器ADP107x系列,均采用ADI屡获殊荣的iCoupler 技术。ADP1071-1和ADP1071-2是隔离同步反激式控制器;而ADP1074是隔离同步有源钳位正激控制器。它们集成了通常需要几个分立器件的多个功能,如过压保护(OVP)、输出跟踪和用于提高能效的轻负载模式以及SR驱动器,与使用光耦合器的传统方法相比,板空间节省多达35%,系统可靠性大大提高。


  • RE: Can you clarify how to set the switching frequency of ADP1071?

    Apologies for the confusion. Please treat R_TOP+R_BOT= R and place R on the RT pin to AGND1. See fig 27 for more details below.


    I will make a change to the datasheet…

  • RE: ADP1071-2 evm 36W 12.1 VOUT

    Hi, Thanks for those questions, here please find some answers. 

    1). Yes, ADP1071-2 LTSPICE is available. Please update LTspice library to the latest one, and you can find ADP1071-2 example circuitry available. 

    2). No minimum load required for ADP1071-2.

  • RE: adp 1074 and low load

    Hi Alex, 

    Thanks for your questions.  

    In your questions, we are not quite sure if you are referring to ADP1071-2 board (the link PDF) or ADP1074 (in the title). For the output voltage ripple in the pulse-skipping mode, it is related to the COMP pin clamp…

  • RE: isolation circuit for 24V and 3A DC


     Thank you for your reply. 

    Can I use ADP1071-2 for isolation of 24V?

    This module can be synchronised upto 600KHz. But I could not find some reference circuit for this circuit.   

    Can you please suggest some reference circuit or some other module which…

  • LTC3108-1


    We are working on PoC based on LTC3108-1. We wish add a LED for visual monitoring, LTC3108 is not able to supply a suffisient current to drive the LED.

    Could we use C2 input for drive an external Mosfet (low Qg) ?



  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    The cause of the problem is "-file-attr CORE0" and "-DCORE0" both being included on the compiler command-line. Could you delete CORE0 from the "Additional attributes" in Tools Settings > CrossCore Blackfin…