• ADP1055 firmware support

    Hi Sir,

    I have some questions about ADP1055.

    1. If user wants to fine tune system performance, could the ADP1055 transfer out firmware to MCU? (User wants to coding himself.)

    2. How many circuit topologies of ADP1055 can be use? (LLC, Full bridge, Half bridge…

  • ADP1055 in 4 switch Buck Boost converter

    I have previously used the ADP1055 controller for a PSFB converter as well as for a buck converter. Can the ADP1055 PWM engine be configured for a unidirectional 4-switch Buck/Boost converter, keeping the synchronous rectification capability?

    If yes,…

  • Can the CS1 pin of the ADP1043A, ADP1046A, ADP1050, ADP1051, ADP1055 be floating?

    The CS1 pin of the ADP1043A, ADP1046A, ADP1050, ADP1051, ADP1055 can not be floating (no resistor is connected between the CS1 pin and ground). there is a tiny source current in this pin. If CS1 pin is floating, the voltage of CS1 pin will be higher than…

  • RE: ADP1055 Software, Ver. 2.0.16 not working anymore due to end of support of the Adobe Flash player

    Hi sir,

    I have a similar problem with ADP1055 Software ver 2.1.11 .
    Actually, this problem also occurs in ADP1051 software ver 2.5.1.
    The development software can not work well on windows 10.
    Do you have updated software for windows 10 version?
    or how can…

  • Converter loop filter with ADP1055

    Dear Engineering department,

    We are using the ADP1055 on a full bridge power converter.
    We have a poor rejection ratio from input to output. The 100Hz ripple present at input is poorly attenuated by the converter.
    I try to increase the LF filter gain but…

  • ADP1055-EVALZ Setting Files (55s)


    I finish DC/DC based on ADP1055-EVALZ and now going to testing in lab.

    I`m little bit confused with "Evaluation Board Settings.55s" file from ADP1055 GUI

    ADP1055-EVALZ use full-wave SR...

    When I load settings to ADP1055 Software GUI I…

  • RE: ADP1055 Sofware and ADP1055-EVALZ Ref. Design (Full Wave Bridge Rectifier)


    Dear Turkboy88

    Could you point me, please to good resources (books, app. notes, etc.) for Full bridge, Center tapped or current doubler structures (pros and cons)

    I would like design 18Vin to 12Vout 500W PSFB with ADP1055 and currently mess with…

  • adp1055 over-rating input current.

    according to datasheet, the supply current of adp1055 is around 60mA. While, in my hardware, the supply current is around 120mA, which means when RES is floating(no internal reference for PLL), its still 60mA supply current.

    Although the supply current…

  • ADP1055 Phase Shift Configuration File


    Can you send a configuration file for default settings (like "production default settings" file that comes with ADP1055 software) with phase shift to get ZVS?


    Matan Nahamiev