• ADP1051: EEPROM programming procedure

    Our customer needs to implement programming support of the ADP1051 on their
    device programmers. To be able to program configuration into EEPROM we need the
    EEPROM programming procedure?


    Please see application note AN-1306 : ADP1050…
  • adp1051 design tool

    Hi Sir

    I want to design the ADP1051 as a power module,

    can you support the design tool as EXCEL?



    Hi Sir:

    Does ADP1051 has OTP function inside that is not triggered by OT_FAULT_LIMIT REG, but by the temperature of its junction?

  • ADP1051 eighth brick


    Where can I find design files for the eighth brick reference design based on ADP1050 or ADP1051 or ADP1052?

    Is there a demo board for the brick for sale?

    Thank you,


  • ADP1051 communications spy


    How to export communications spy's data to excel or notepad? or how to get the pmbus log during continuous monitoring?

    thanks a lot;


    Hi Sir:

    1\ In ADP1051's datasheet, page 6, test condition for CS2 current measurement sense accuracy is "4.99 kΩ (0.01%) level shift resistors"; is that a typo? it's impossible to use 0.01% precision resistor in real application, right?…

  • ADP1051 輸出+ / - 50V 設計

    請設計ADP1051 在音響擴大機上面,約莫1000W

    但在輸出電源上需要雙電源並為正/負電 ,不知道有沒有雙電源設計可供參考 ?

  • Using two ADP1051 in parallel

    Hello, I would like to use two adp1051 in full bridge phase shift topology. According to manual, I can use OUTC to synchronize the other adp1051. But in that case, OUTC becomes useless in term of phase shift for switching the C branch. How can I manage…

  • ADP1046A/ADP1051 current doubler

    Does Gui will surpport the output current doubler solution ? thanks

  • ADP1051 Demo Board Gerber File

    Dear All:

    I Need ADP1051 EVB Board Gerber file P/N:ADP1051-240-EVALZ  & ADP1051DC1-EVALZ  ,can you provide to em refer. thanks

    Best Regards,