• RE: ADP1048 PRD 1363 design files

    Attached are files for ADP1048 daughter card.

    Lt Comm Data.

  • RE: ADP1047 predetermined loop BW

    Please see the GUI PWM settings to SYNC several ADP1048s with appropriate phase delay. Also see attached. Essentially, you send the same SYNC pulse to all the ADP1048s and in the GUI you can set the phase delay.

    From what you are describing what you…


    Hi Guys,

    My ADP1048 prototype design is reading the input and output voltages incorrectly. Because my feedback circuit includes a differential amplifier followed by another resistor divider, it is possible I am entering the values into the board settings…

  • ADP1048 set VIN On = 85V rms and VIN Off = 80V rms that have 3~5% error.

    Dear Sir,

    I use EVAL-ADP1048 that have the input voltage accuracy issue.

    The ADP1048 set VIN On = 85V rms and VIN Off = 80V rms that have 3%~5% error.

    Please see the attachment that VIN On = 85V rms and VIN Off = 73V rms actually.

    And i input voltage…

  • problem in ADP1048 software. I can not change a value in register 0xFE25

     I am working with ADP1048 600 Watt Evaluation Kit an I use the ADP1048 software to modify register. 

    I want to modify the VAC_THRESHOLD_SET register to enable or disable the automatic threshold (bit 7). 

    But, when i program register mdifications in EEPROM…

  • RE: ADP1048 - PMBus to SPI Bridge


    The PMBus timeout feature is used during the "clock stretching period". If the Bridge tries to read from the ADP1048 and if the ADP1048 is busy, it will stretch the clock and request the I2C bridge to wait. If the I2C bridge does not support clock…

  • Comment on Can the ADP1047/8 be used as a three-phase PFC controller?

    Three phase PFC is not supported by ADP1048 unless you use 3xADP1048 i.e. one for each phase.

    Lt. Comm Data.

  • RE: ADP1048 GUI working only with Aardvark USB to I2C interface?

    The ADP1048 GUI only works with the Aardvark. Let us know if it is critical for you to use your custom interface.

  • RE: adp1048 - Which conduction mode?

    Hi Chris,

    It is continuous conduction mode. The recommended part is ADP1048 as it supports interleaved operation.

    Lt Comm Data.

  • ADP1048 question

    I designed the ADI ADP1048 into a 500W LED light. 


    VIN: 85 – 264VAC; 120 – 340VDC

    The system works well except when it comes to input voltage transients.  The output voltage wiggles causing light flickering.  In the scope trace (attached) all voltages…