• RE: About the ADO-I2C-USB-Z(EVAL-ADP-I2C-USB) information


    EVAL-ADP-I2C-USB is meant to be used with ADP1043A, ADP1047, ADP1048 software and used guides are bundled with this products. 

    Included software could also be used for more generic PMbus compliant controllers

    Please see links below :



  • how to mass produce the ADP1048 by Hex


    hi sir


    I  already design in the ADP1048 in 2.2kw power

    Now, I need to mass produce the adp1048,

    I can generator the hex by GUI-ADP1048,but i hope you can support a tool

    Let our operation can use the tool to mass produce the ADP1048 in product…

  • ADP1048/ADP1055 Evaluation Board For 2KW Solution

    I will have design of 2 kW power with PFC ADP1048 (bridgeless operation) + DC-DC ADP1055 (synchronous rectifier) + MCU. Input voltage 230 VAC (400 VDC after PFC), output voltage 20-60 VDC.

    I have a few questions:

    - Can I use any USB-SMbus(I2C) adapter…

  • ADP1048: Which control mode is used: continous current or  discontinuous current?

    Does the ADP1048 use continous current conduction mode or discontinuous current
    conduction mode control?
    This is generally stated in competitors datasheets but not mentioned in the
    ADP1048 datasheet.


    The ADP1048 is based on average…
  • Can adp1048 manage of output voltage?

    I lean adp1048 (ADP1048 600W Power PFC Evaluation Board | Analog Devices) chip. And I can not understand  based on documentation - can adp1048 on eval board or without it manage of output voltage (change it by PWM or somehow else)?

  • ADP1048

    Is it possible to use the ADP1048 with 3 phases rectifier bridge (AC input of 400VAC)?

    VAC measurement is it adaptable for this voltage?

    Thank you for your answer.


  • ADP1048 - is is possible to use the ADP1048 with higher input frequencies?

    what is the max power input frequency for the ADP1048
    (more than 60Hz ?). I need 500Hz - is this possible?


    yes - the ADP1048 kann also be used from 500Hz - 1kHz (e.g. net in an airplane)
  • RE: ADP1048 eval board questions

    The ADP1048 Eval board is interleaved configuration, and can't be run as bridgeless PFC. This is the link for interleaved board, http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/pwr_mgmt/DigitalPower/PRD1363_ADP1048_EVAL-Rev1-0926.pdf, please use this…

  • RE: Interleaved operation using two ADP1047 or ADP1048


    If you want to just interleave two PFC's use ADP1048 as this chip supports interleaving and current balancing. If you want to interleave more than this then the SYNC pin is useful and you can adjust the phase shift as shown in the GUI. I've attached…

  • ADP1048 meter accuracy

    Hi Sir

    After recalibrate the adp1048 meter, i found the accuracy about 5%,

    ADI pomotion data shows@@ the accuracy only +-1%

    can you support the adp1048 meter test reuslt for me?

    Vin:90~264v, load: light load ~heavy load (600w)