• RE: ADP1048 Control loop parameters

    Dear Hayagrivan,

    Attached ADP1047/48 PFC control slides. Hope it can help you.



  • RE: 3 Phase PFC Design - clarification/suggestion requested

    You can take a look at ADP1047/8, which are digital PFC controller. In your application, you have to use three of them for three phase input voltage.

    The link is http://www.analog.com/en/power-management/digital-power-management/adp1047/products/product…

  • ADP1047 300W Evaluation Kit

    Dear All:


    I now try to operate and test ADP1047 300W Evaluation Kit (ADP1047-300-EVALZ), PRD-1334 V1.3 document Page2 VIN Typ. 115 or 230, Efficiency@95%, but this document not have any Efficiency test waveform can you to provide this information…

  • Issue on the latest version of ADP1047/8 GUI


    I just download and install the latest version of ADP1047/8 GUI software (Version 2.2.9)

    And I have problem every times I try to into the Voltage Fast Loop page no matter the ADP1047 EVB is connected or not.

    My OS is windows 8.1, and I also test…

  • How about the duty cycle maximum parameter when I use ADP1047 for 650w PFC stage

    I do a PFC stage for 650w which use ADP1047

    switch freq = 60K

    Choke = 370uH

    When I checked the duty cycle during the VAC pin valley @Vin=230V

    Why the duty close to 95% ? Is it right ? (see the attachment , yellow for duty cycle , green for ADP1047…

  • ADP1047 supported frequency range for source of supply?

    What source of supply frequencies does the ADP1047 support? Is it limited to 50/60 Hz, or will it also handle PFC for a 400 Hz supply frequency?



  • RE: ADP1048 for 2kw solution

    ADP1047/8 supports READ_VIN and READ_VOUT commands (see registers 0x88 to 0x8B in datasheet). It also supports READ_PIN command (see register 0x97 in datasheet).

  • ADP1047/ADP1048 GUI 安装问题

    Dear All:

    一个问题一直很困扰我,我在安装ADP1047/ADP1048 GUI 软件,发现一个非常大的问题,再安装过程中会去侦测Adobe Flash Player版本,ADP1047/ADP1048预设侦测的Adobe Flash Player版本是V11 .6,但是我的计算机系统已经安装到V11.9,所以到现在我都还没有办法完成ADP1047/ADP1048 GUI软件工具的安装,是否可以请你们协助处理这一个问题吗?



  • RE: ADP1047 ZVS and PWM2 Output Pin

    Hello Shlomi,

    This is how PWM and PWM2 will look in ADP1047 (see attachment).

    Can you please advise me of the output voltage if the input before the bridge is 380Vrms? What is your end application?

  • Can the ADP1047/8 be used as a three-phase PFC controller?

    It depend on the topology of three phase PFC. ADP1047/8 can be used as the digital controller of three-phase single-switch PFC topology. The 6th hamonic enjection can also be implemented. More information is available upon request.