• ADP1047 evaluation board Gerber data

    Can I have ADP1047 evaluation board(EVAL-ADP1047) Gerber data for designing the own PCB?


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  • ADP1047 EVB connection issue


    I am testing ADP1047 EVB and the ADP1047 output connect to a DC to DC.(Phase-shift).

    Now I find out that the Communication is very easy to lost when the DC to DC stage turn on.

    Is there any way to avoid the GUI to lost the communication with ADP1047…

  • ADP1047


    I plan to use ADP1047/8 with a 3 Phases AC input.

    If the passive rectifier output not reach the zero voltage, is that the product will work ?


    J. Domingo

  • RE: About the ADO-I2C-USB-Z(EVAL-ADP-I2C-USB) information


    EVAL-ADP-I2C-USB is meant to be used with ADP1043A, ADP1047, ADP1048 software and used guides are bundled with this products. 

    Included software could also be used for more generic PMbus compliant controllers

    Please see links below :



  • Comment on Can the ADP1047/8 be used as a three-phase PFC controller?

    The subject of the thread clearly states "Can the ADP1047/8 be used as a three-phase PFC controller?" and that was my response to this thread.

    The questions you are asking about are on another thread listed here:


  • Interleaved operation using two ADP1047 or ADP1048

    Hi there:

    On the datasheet it says the SYNC pin could be used to implement interleaved PFC with multiple ADP1047 or ADP1048 (at the PWM FREQUENCY SYNCHRONIZATION section).

    To my comprehension, I would need to connect a source clock to both SYNC pin…

  • RE: ADP1047 predetermined loop BW

    we are getting out of   our plans ot use ADP1047.

  • RE: ADP1047 using for DC/DC

    Hi NC, Eugen,

    To calculate the line voltage, the ADP1047 will try to sense the zero crossing and then calculate the AC line period. If the input voltage is dc, there is no zero crossing. Therefore ADP1047 cannot detect the zero crossing and then calculate…

  • RE: ADP1048 Control loop parameters

    Dear Hayagrivan,

    Attached ADP1047/48 PFC control slides. Hope it can help you.



  • ADP1047 GUI

    Does ADO1047 have any loading concern ?

    I setup 0.1ms to load ADP1047 I2C , It will shuntdown until the time up to 250ms !!

    Anything I miss ?