• ADP1047


    I plan to use ADP1047/8 with a 3 Phases AC input.

    If the passive rectifier output not reach the zero voltage, is that the product will work ?


    J. Domingo

  • ADP1047 GUI

    Does ADO1047 have any loading concern ?

    I setup 0.1ms to load ADP1047 I2C , It will shuntdown until the time up to 250ms !!

    Anything I miss ?

  • ADP1047/1048

    Dear Sir,

    There are some questions about the ADP1047/1048. Please kindly help advise.


    1. There are two OT fault flags in the Flag setting in GUI. What differennce between them?

    2. If the RTD pin direct connect to GND, whether it has no OTP…

  • ADP1047 THD問題

    請問 ~ ADP1047 300W evb , 我測試到THD非常高在30W的時候 ~ 大約THD落在50左右

    這樣是正常的嗎 ? 有人說內建的設定檔案是有誤的? 還是誰有正確版的可以分享一下 ?

  • ADP1047  THD&PF

    im looking for a pfc for a new application

    input voltage: 380Vac to 440Vac 50Hz.

    output voltage: 700V. 750V is possible too.

    output power 2KW.

    switching freq: 200Khz.

    we dont want to use interleave solution.


    the main demand is PF>0.99 and THD<3…

  • ADP1047 using for DC/DC


    could the ADP1047 be used for DC/DC design? I want to design a SEPIC controller like this one:


    The requirements are as follows:




  • ADP1047, PFC output voltage regulation


    I'm working on a PFC input stage built around an ADP1047. The input is 230 volt 50 Hz, the output 385 volt DC and the maximum power

    is supposed to reach 2100 Watt.

    It's working quite nicely up to a power level of about 800 Watt. If the load…

  • ADP1047 EVB connection issue


    I am testing ADP1047 EVB and the ADP1047 output connect to a DC to DC.(Phase-shift).

    Now I find out that the Communication is very easy to lost when the DC to DC stage turn on.

    Is there any way to avoid the GUI to lost the communication with ADP1047…

  • ADP1047 300W Evaluation Kit

    Dear All:


    I now try to operate and test ADP1047 300W Evaluation Kit (ADP1047-300-EVALZ), PRD-1334 V1.3 document Page2 VIN Typ. 115 or 230, Efficiency@95%, but this document not have any Efficiency test waveform can you to provide this information…

  • ADP1047 Recommended Settings


    I have the following questions.

    1. 1.

    0xFE20  - Voltage loop filter gain

    0xFE21  - Voltage loop filter zero

    0xFE22  - Fast voltage loop filter gain

    0xFE23  - Fast voltage loop filter zero

    For the above mentioned register’s, I am able to read…