• ADP1046A 600W Phase Shifted Full Bridge Topology Board Availability


    I found Power Reference Design (PRD1404) ADP1046A Wide Input Range, Full Bridge Phase Shifted Topology on ADP1046A Product Page. This document describes 600W Phase Shifted Full Bridge Topology Evaluation Board. So, could this board be purchased?…

  • RE: Recommendations to connect OrinfFet to ADP1046A

    Hi Sir,

    I am sorry that the OrFET controlled by ADP1046A should be placed at positive wire. Otherwise the voltage sense of VS1, VS2 cannot work.


  • RE: ADP1046A Daugter card


    In my power board, the below pins are not used. Can i kept open or it should be pulled to gnd level.

    GATE - Used for OrFET

    VS3+ & VS3- - Remote Voltage sense

    OUTAUX - Aux PWM output

    VS2 - OrFET drain sense


    For my application…

  • ADP1046A PWM setting


    Below is part of ADP1046A GUI.  Let's say OUTA is for high side control and OUTB for low side control.

    When it is  full bridge topology, the box in red is shoot-through section and casues FET explosion.

    What is configuration to limit OUTB…

  • ADP1046A/ADP1051 current doubler

    Does Gui will surpport the output current doubler solution ? thanks

  • We need 500W~3000W PFC solution.


    We're looking for 500W~3kW PFC solutions, e.g. using Interleave PFC. The target application is UPS and the potential would be 3k units/y. MP will start April 2021.

    Would ADP1046A be available for this ?



  • RE: Is it possible to connect and gather the data from ADP1046A PMBUS to Arduino (ESP8266)?

    Sure! I haven't taken a look at the datasheet of the exact Arduino part number you are referencing but it's a good microcontroller and should have many IO pins to run I2C communication to talk to ADP1046A.

    Lt Comm Data.

  • Recommendations for 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply Design with PFC


    I would like to design 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply with PFC for communication infrastructure equipment.


    Input: AC 220V±20%.

    Output: DC 48V±15%, 40A.

    I am looking for ADP1048 as interleaved/bridgeless PFC controller and ADP1046A…

  • ADP1046A Daughter Board Design Files

    Hello Gents,

    Hard work here building PRD1363 and UG - 734. 

    I have checked the PRD1386 and it looks like the design files are available for the ADP1046ADC1-EVALZ (Daughter Card) 

    Would you please kindly offer the files containing :




  • ADP1046A 无法写EEPROM

    用上位机调试软件ADP1046 Digital Power Controller V1.3.2调试,配置好了芯片以及电路板,在线调试输出均正常。

    只要AC输入还在,或者USB to I2C转接供电模块还在,ADP1046的输出都正常。



    在GUI上写寄存器配置时,Communication Spy显示写的内容如截图所示