• RE: Recommendations to connect OrinfFet to ADP1046A

    Hi Sir,

    I am sorry that the OrFET controlled by ADP1046A should be placed at positive wire. Otherwise the voltage sense of VS1, VS2 cannot work.


  • We need 500W~3000W PFC solution.


    We're looking for 500W~3kW PFC solutions, e.g. using Interleave PFC. The target application is UPS and the potential would be 3k units/y. MP will start April 2021.

    Would ADP1046A be available for this ?



  • RE: ADP1046A Daugter card


    In my power board, the below pins are not used. Can i kept open or it should be pulled to gnd level.

    GATE - Used for OrFET

    VS3+ & VS3- - Remote Voltage sense

    OUTAUX - Aux PWM output

    VS2 - OrFET drain sense


    For my application…

  • RE: ADP1046A PWM setting

    To set up PWM for full bridge please use this setting:

    The max duty for all PWMs is controlled by one setting called Modulation high limit (see right hand side). You can also use the attached settings file.

  • ADP1046A/ADP1051 current doubler

    Does Gui will surpport the output current doubler solution ? thanks

  • RE: Is it possible to connect and gather the data from ADP1046A PMBUS to Arduino (ESP8266)?

    Sure! I haven't taken a look at the datasheet of the exact Arduino part number you are referencing but it's a good microcontroller and should have many IO pins to run I2C communication to talk to ADP1046A.

    Lt Comm Data.

  • Recommendations for 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply Design with PFC


    I would like to design 2-2,5 kW AC-DC Power Supply with PFC for communication infrastructure equipment.


    Input: AC 220V±20%.

    Output: DC 48V±15%, 40A.

    I am looking for ADP1048 as interleaved/bridgeless PFC controller and ADP1046A…

  • ADP1046A Daughter Board Design Files

    Hello Gents,

    Hard work here building PRD1363 and UG - 734. 

    I have checked the PRD1386 and it looks like the design files are available for the ADP1046ADC1-EVALZ (Daughter Card) 

    Would you please kindly offer the files containing :




  • ADP1046A 无法写EEPROM

    用上位机调试软件ADP1046 Digital Power Controller V1.3.2调试,配置好了芯片以及电路板,在线调试输出均正常。

    只要AC输入还在,或者USB to I2C转接供电模块还在,ADP1046的输出都正常。



    在GUI上写寄存器配置时,Communication Spy显示写的内容如截图所示



  • How to sense the Input Voltage in ADP1046A


    I have used ACSNS pin for sensing the secondary side voltage for making decision on turn-on / off of synchronous rectifier.

    Which pin can i use for sensing the input voltage. Please advice me.

    Input Voltage range: 350Vdc to 450Vdc