• RE: AD1046A I2C Clock Stretching Timing Issue and delayed transaction

    It is possible that during the microcontroller’s interrupt, the master was communicating to the ADP1046A to do a read-back.  If that read-back was not completed (ie, the master abort the operation during the read-back), the ADP1046A could be stuck…

  • ADP1046A Current Sharing Detail Description


    Several of ADP1046A are planned to be used in parallel for increasing of power supply output current. The ADP1046A current sharing feature can be used for the task. But I can't find any detailed information how to configure the ADP1046A to get shared…

  • RE: ADP1046A design question

    Hi Joe,

    Yes. ADP1046A can meet these request.


  • ADP1046A-100_EVALZ

    Dear Sir,

    I want to modify the ADP1046A-100_EVALZ to get the 24Vin, 5Vo/6A.

    I change the R10 of main board from 10ohm to 20ohm, and R5/R7/R10 of Daughter card from 11Kohm to 4Kohm, and R1 of Daughter card FROM 27Kohm to 12Kohm.

    And  below is some questions…

  • What is the difference between ADP1043A and ADP1046A

    The package and Pin configuration of ADP1043A and ADP1046 are the same. What is key difference between ADP1043A and ADP1046A?

  • RE: Usage of ACSNS pin on adp1046 LLC Half bridge resonant mode.

    Thanks a lot for the Info.

    I have one more questions.

    I want to use ADP1046A for the battery charge application. Please see the below details for CC mode operation.

    In battery charger application, CC mode plays the major role until it crosses boost…

  • RE: Board Settings for ADP1046A

    I have received the gerber file for ADP1046A from the local analog team and fabricated 5 PCBA for our development and to integrated with our power board. How to program the new ADP1046A IC for default settings and need to change accordingly for my design…

  • How to implement CC mode operation for Battery charger application

    Hi Team,

    I had a look and detail study on ADP1046A and i want to implement in my project for Battery Charger application.

    In datasheet they have explained CC mode operation in pg.no 30 as per below

    In battery charger application, CC mode plays the major…

  • RE: ADP1046 GUI


    In my understanding, ADP1046A works fine on my own board only with register saved in EEPROM.

    Whether to store boarding setting to EEPROM or not does not affect ADP1046A operation.  If I am wrong, please correct me.

    And where in EEPROM is boarding…

  • ADP1046A GUI - Register loading


    In setup window of ADP1046A GUI, I changed PWM setting and saved it into my_setting.46r.

    I closed ADP1046A GUI and executed the GUI again. Then I loaded my_setting.46r. But no change in GUI.

    How can I retrieve my own GUI configuration?

    1) I…