• ADP1031

    Is there any design tool for ADp1031?

  • RE: ADP1031 application

    The -15V rail was only powered on the AVSS pin of AD5758。Now AD5758 has been removed。Theoretically, if there is no load, should the -15V output be normal ??Is the output of FB3 related to the peripheral circuit? Now the FB3 voltage is not 0.8V,but very…

  • ADP1031-2 working in PSM mode

    In our product ADP1031 sometimes switches to Power Saving Mode PSM (with skipping pulses). In this case, everything works, but there is an interference at a frequency of ~7 kHz (Fsync = 512kHz/72), which falls into the band of the measuring chain of the…

  • About voltage supply to Vlogic pin of AD5758


    I have a question in Figure 78 (Typical Application Circuit for the ADP1031 Using the AD5758)
     described on page 35 of the data sheet for the ADP1031.

    The Vlogic pin and VLDO pin are not connected,
      but which pins are supplying voltage to the Vlogic…

  • Switching noise in EVAL-AD5758 board output


    I am evaluating AD5758 for use in an application that requires channel-wise isolation. I was thrilled to discover that the eval board also uses AD's new all-in-one solution for isolated SPI + LDAC + DAC rails + DAC power, the ADP1031 power management…

  • RE: ADP1031CP-3-EVALZ

    Hi Phuong,

    I'm the applications engineer for the ADP103x, nice to meet you!

    Yes, ~35mA of MVDD current is very large. Perhaps there is some other rail that the MVDD is powering like the PVIIN, please confirm that the MVDD is the only rail that is…

  • RE: Noise optimized layout of ADP1032

    Hi, Jeff, 

    Attached are the waveforms obtained at the output of EVAL-ADP5758SDZ evaluation board, loaded with 680Ohm resistor. The board is configured with default jumper settings,  CLKOUT switched on and fed to SYNC, VLDO powers SPI, DPC function in use…

  • Functional Safety for Power

    Back in 2016 Analog Devices announced they were acquiring Linear technology - the result, an enormous power portfolio. Some of these circuits can carry more than 100 amps to servers used in data centers, others include galvanic isolation and others concentrate…

  • ADI 新品速递(2019 年 5 月)

    ADI 5月新产品上线,想了解的筒子们不要错过!

    0.5 dB LSB6 位硅数字衰减器,9 kHz 40 GHz

    ADRF5720 是一款 6 位数字硅衰减器,以 0.5 dB 步长提供 31.5 dB 的衰减控制范围。该器件的工作频率范围为 9 kHz 至 40 GHz,提供优于 4.5 dB 的插入损耗和出色的衰减精度。在所有状态下,ADRF5720 的 ATTIN 端口具有 27 dBm(平均值)和 30 dBm(峰值)的射频 (RF) 输入功率处理能力。


    • 超宽带频率范围…
  • ADI 全新中文资料(2019 年 12 月)