• ADP1031 maximum output current


    I'm planning to use the ADP1031 for realizing an isolated analog output. However I have difficulties to reach the needed output current IVOUT1(MAX) of 30mA

    I want to use following values:

    VINP=6V or 24V





  • ADP1031 Spice Model


    I would like to simulate the switching regulators of ADP1031 in LTSpice. I was wondering if there is a Spice model for it. 

    Even if you don't have a complete model with SPI features it is totally fine for me. I don't really need to simulate the SPI…

  • ADP1031 Noise in FFT Spectrum


    I am using ADP1031 to generate 15V, -15V and 5.15V from a 24V input voltage.

    The voltages are generated correctly but when I check the FFT Spectrum, I notice unwanted peaks at certain frequencies.

    Here are screenshots from my measurements:

    24V input…

  • ADP1031, I_PEAK peak current on flyback switch


    I'm planning to use the ADP1031 for realizing an isolated analog output. The formula on page 31 for calculating R_CLAMP contains the parameter I_PEAK, the peak current on the flyback switch. Where do I get this parameter from? It also appears in…

  • ADP1031 Switching Frequency of 5.15V Output (VOUT2)


    I obtained an RTM3004 Oscilloscope to be able to make better measurements of the voltages generated by ADP1031.

    I noticed some problems when I measure the VOUT2 voltage output of ADP1031, which is supposed to be 5.15V.

    While making the measurements…

  • ADP1031 VOUT3 Voltage Not Correct


    I am using the ADP1031 chip to generate the following voltage outputs from an input of 24V:

    VOUT1 = 15V

    VOUT2= 5.15V


    VOUT1 and VOUT2 are working fine. However, VOUT3 is not correct.

    When I first power on my PCB, VOUT3 is at -15V but it drops…

  • ADP1031 Maximum SPI Clock Rate


    I am using the ADP1031 chip for SPI communication.
    In the datasheet of the device, the maximum SPI clock rate is given as 16.6MHz.

    However, when I try to increase my SPI clock speed to 31.25 MHz, it still works.
    All signals are correct when I check…

  • ADP1031 Problem: 2 Ohm Resistance Between SVDD and SGND Pins


    My PCB was working fine but then it suddenly stopped working. When I checked the pins of ADP1031 with multimeter, I measured 2 Ohm resistance between SVDD and SGND pins.

    The problem was gone when I replaced the ADP1031 with a new one. With the new ADP1031…

  • ADP1031

    Is there any design tool for ADp1031?

  • ADP1031 application

    Test conditions:

    input power : 24VDC

    VOUT1 isolate output is 24VDC

    VOUT2 isloate ouput is 5V

    VOUT3 output is -15V


    why is the output of VOUT3  very low voltage,but The output voltage of VOUT1 and VOUT2 is correct.??What are the possible causes of…