• RE: ADN8834

    Hi bai1390529449,

    Based on the first table you sent, the chopper amp1 is functioning properly as a voltage follower. That is good to see.

    On the next concern, I am sorry, the second column should be the V(IN1N) voltage readout not OUT1.

  • ADN8834 interference question

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your support. Currently, We have the interference problems with TEC temperature control since have 4 pins (RNTC, ITEC, TECset, SD) that will connect to MCU

    1. After SD is pulled low, will the internal switching of 8834 stop? We have…

  • ADN8834 problem


    I tested ADN8834.

    I set IN2P 0 to 3.3V and out2 changed 0 to 2.5V (out1 only 3.3V)

    but LDR and SFB is strange

    this is my result.

    (TEC+ = LDR,  TEC- = SFB)

    why SFB is not bigger then LDR?

    This is my schematic. 

    Thank you for reading. and…

  • Two questions about ADN8834


    I am using ADN8834. 2 circuit boards are made and seem to have different problems.

    One board's Vref pin doesn't output 2.5V, but 4.7V.

    Another board, the resistance of the IN2P pin to ground is around 1.6 kΩ. I disconnected all objects…

  • ADN8834调试

    My design of ADN8834 now PWM cannot work normally with the TEC- filter  capacitance is added。

  • I have some questions about ADN8834


    I am using AND8834 for a TEC module, and I have two questions.

    • The circuit is shown below

    • VDD=5.1v
    • question
      • Why is VSFB and VLDR constant when the IN2P voltage signal is greater than 1.25 V?
      • When the IN2P voltage signal is less than 1.25V…
  • ADN8834 enable

    Hi ,

    I Have a question about enable ADN8834.

    I put a TEC of 2,5Ohm resistor between TEC_P & TEC_N.

    I control the ADN8834 with a DAC by default 1,25 V so output it's 0V.

    But when I enable the ADN8834 by EN/SY ( all V power, V ref are good) I have…

  • ADN8834 EVBoard Test

    Hi team

    I have question for ADN8834 EVM.

    We are checking if temperature control is achieved by varying the TEMPSET voltage, and the THERMISTOR voltage is fixed (approximately 0.6V) even if the TEMPSET value is changed (0-2.5V).

    I understand that the…

  • ADN8834 usage problem

    Dear Sir,

    We've few question about ADN8834 setting. and hope receive your comments. Thank you!

    a. In the datasheet, It mean VREF have two condition. 2.5V @ VDD>4V and 1.5V @ VDD<4V right ? 


    b. We measured the voltage in different points, R46 …