• ADN8834 enable

    Hi ,

    I Have a question about enable ADN8834.

    I put a TEC of 2,5Ohm resistor between TEC_P & TEC_N.

    I control the ADN8834 with a DAC by default 1,25 V so output it's 0V.

    But when I enable the ADN8834 by EN/SY ( all V power, V ref are good) I have…

  • ADN8834

    I have a question on the Vout2. What  is the voltage on  Vout2 when the object temperature equals to the target temperature? It is described on Page 19 on the Datasheet.

    Vout2 = Vtempset - (Z2/Z1)(Vout1 - Vtempset)

    When the object temperature equals to…

  • ADN8834

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the ADN8834  for constant temperature control , design of circuit diagram is shown in Figure 1 . ADN8834 internal structure is shown in…
  • RE: ADN8834

    I also find the application circuit of ADN8831,which seems looks like the ADN8834.I used ADN8830 ever,it seems different.But ADN8830 is not recommended,so I use ADN8834 instead.

  • Question about ADN8834

    I have a question about ADN8834, in the Datasheet there is a typical application circuit on Page 14, as shown below

    I want to know what the function of the two resistors.  What is the meaning that get the Vref/2? If I would like to contol the temprature…

  • Question about ADN8834


    I am using AND8834 for a TEC module, and I have two questions ( forgive my English, I am Chinese) :

    1) Based on formulas given in DS, I have following conclusions:

         Vout2 = Vtempset - Z2 / Z1 ( Vout1 - Vtempset )

         Vtec = VLDR - VSFB = - 5 ( Vout2…

  • ADN8834 problem


    I tested ADN8834.

    I set IN2P 0 to 3.3V and out2 changed 0 to 2.5V (out1 only 3.3V)

    but LDR and SFB is strange

    this is my result.

    (TEC+ = LDR,  TEC- = SFB)

    why SFB is not bigger then LDR?

    This is my schematic. 

    Thank you for reading. and…

  • ADN8834 Inductors


    My custmer try to use ADN8834.

    The TEC voltage and the upper limit of the electric current are being designed by 1.0V/1.5A respectively.

    In DS, Recommended Inductors

    My custmer try to use ,


    Value:2.2uH ±30% 2.62A(Typ)

    Device No…

  • ADN8834, Amplifers


    are the two chopper stabilized amplifers inside the ADN8834 on while the chip is in standby. I plan implementing a digital control loop arournd the AD8834. It want to use one of the amplifiers for buffering the voltage across the thermistor. But…