• ADN8834 FIGURE21 description

    ADN8834 datasheet   

    figure 21    LDO(TEC-)  PWM(TEC+)  is correct or not ? maybe it is wrong, please confirm 

  • ADN8834 LTspice simulation error

    I use the modle of ADN8834 and then get the following  error when I run the simulation. The error is could not open library file "UniversalOpamps2.sub". The example circuit of ADN8834 also dose not work. The modle is not  a 3rd party model,it comes…

  • ADN8834 Cooling Mode Issue

    I am evaluating the performance of the ADN8834 using the EVAL-ADN8834 kit with the ADN8834CB-EVALZ daughter board. I have been referencing the UG-858 document whilst doing the evaluation. My DUT is a TOSA (transmitter optical sub-assembly), which is essentially…

  • ADN8834 TMPGD function


    I have some questions about ADN8834 TMPGD:

    1.What 's the default voltage logic of TMPGD, is low correct ?

    2.From ADN8834 DS(REV.B page 5) TEMPERATURE GOOD High Threshold 1.54V, does it means  if TMPGD reaches (UP)1.54V then it's logic will become…

  • adn8834


    I had some problems testing the PCB board made by ADN8834 and hope you can help with it.

    I made PCB boards based on the ADN8834CP-EVALZ evaluation board schematic,and with NTC, no TEC, Vvtec was at 1.25V. stating that LDR and SFB have no output and…

  • ADN8834



    我根据ADN8834CP-EVALZ评估板原理图制作PCB板,在加上NTC,没加TEC时,Vvtec一直处于1.25V.说明LDR和SFB无输出,事实也是这样 。




  • TMPGD of ADN8834

    Is TmpGD a pulse or a held voltage when Vout1 reaches TempSet?

  • ADN8834 Calc RC and RV for V and I limits of TEC

    UG-858  has table 1 on page 3 to calculate RV1 and RV2, but sets abitraily RV2=10k which doen't work for most TECs.

    Similarly table 2 on page 4 shows RC1 and RC2 for pre-established current ratio.

    Equation for flexible V and I ratio shall be supplied…

  • Question Regarding ADN8834s Chopper1 Amplifier Output


    I am having trouble getting the ADN8834 to work as expected, and the cause appears to be coming from the Chopper1 amplifier. I am controlling the temperature by applying various voltages on the IN2P pin and OUT1 locks to this voltage; however,…

  • ADN8834能支持单向TEC吗?