• ADN8834 enable

    Hi ,

    I Have a question about enable ADN8834.

    I put a TEC of 2,5Ohm resistor between TEC_P & TEC_N.

    I control the ADN8834 with a DAC by default 1,25 V so output it's 0V.

    But when I enable the ADN8834 by EN/SY ( all V power, V ref are good) I have…

  • Question about test setting of ADN8834


    My customer wants to confirm the performance of ADN8834 using EVM first.

    And they are trying to test a ADN8834 EVM and TOSA module with Thermoelectric Cooler (from NeoPhotonics.)

    During the test, they say that they can't confirm TEC currents…

  • Temperature Setting of ADN8834


    I have some questions about the temperature setting of ADN8834.

    1,I want to use a DAC to set the target temperature of ADN8834. If my target  temperature voltage is 1.5V,from the function bellow,VOUT2 will be 1.5V when ADN8834 is in steady state(temperature…

  • ADN8834

    I have a question on the Vout2. What  is the voltage on  Vout2 when the object temperature equals to the target temperature? It is described on Page 19 on the Datasheet.

    Vout2 = Vtempset - (Z2/Z1)(Vout1 - Vtempset)

    When the object temperature equals to…

  • ADN8834

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the ADN8834  for constant temperature control , design of circuit diagram is shown in Figure 1 . ADN8834 internal structure is shown in…
  • RE: ADN883x (TEC Controller) capability. ADN883x vs LTC1923


    Thanks for your reply. We currently use LTC1923 for our existing design. Do you have any idea about the temp stability performance of ADN8834? The design of ADN8834 is simpler than LTC1923. So I wonder if we can switch to ADN8834 in my application…

  • How to use ADN8834


     I have a question about ADN8834.

     In my design,ADN8834 will be used to control the TEC in an IRFPA sensor. One on chip temperature sensor is in this IRFPA .The on-chip temperature sensor provides an analog output voltage.

     In the datasheet of ADN8834…

  • Why the VREF of ADN8834 is not 2.5V?

    we use ADN8834 as a TEC Driver, the voltage of PVIN is 3.3V,but the voltage of VREF do not output 2.5V.

    Answered question from 2016 seems to have link broken. I'm interested to get the informations


  • Can you share AW CAD file of EVAL-ADN8834?


    My customer bought some EVAL-ADN8834 and they are considering to design their PCB.

    Could you share Artwork CAD file of EVAL-ADN8834?

    and they also need PCB layout example of QFN package.

    I found only CSP package of it on your data sheet.

    Could you…

  • 使用ADN8834遇到的问题


                        图1. ADN8834设计电路图

    2. ADN8834内部电路图



    1. 不连接热敏电阻和TEC等设备,不连接PID网络,排除前端对OUT2输出电压的影响。

    2. IN2NOUT2两个管脚进行短接,从IN2P管脚输入1.25V的电压,即把COMPENSATION…