• RE: ADN8831 TEC controller - 24 Voltage Application?

    Hi Andy,

    I am going to use ADN8831 to our optic system. Can I get spice model of ADN8831?

    I downloaded ADI_All_spice_models, but I couldn't find ADN8831.



  • ADN8831 and operate DVDD with < 3v

    The datasheet specifies that minimal PVDD as 3V.

    Can PVDD operate < 2V


    Impossible. ADN8831 has one feature called Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) = typ.

    ADN8831 won’t work if any external supply rail applied to the ADN8831…
  • ADN8831 problem

    Hello to all

    I have some problem about adn8831.We use adn8831 to control a TEC of pump laser. But PWM waveform does not appear in the pin 19 and pin 21.Also the Votage on the pin14 is 0.1V. It's seems that ADN8831 in Standby mode.

    Thanks for…

  • ADN8831 EVB

    ADN8831 EVB schematic and Gerber Files


    The ADN8831 EVB schematic is in AN695. Please check the application note.
    Gerber files are in the attached.
  • ADN8831: How to drive a 12V TEC?

    Can we use ADN8831 to drive a 12V TEC.


    The ADN8831 only supports up to 5.5V and is not compatible with 12V TEC module.

  • ADN8831










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  • ADN8831

    Hello. Help solve the problem, with a thermoelectric controller ADN8831 used in an 695. Tell me the formula to determine the unknowns R1, R2, R3 for given values of the variables R(mid) R(low) R(high) to adjust the desired temperature range 0 - 6 C.…

  • RE: ADN8331 H Bridge circuit dead zone issue

    There's a dead time reserved in ADN8831 driver to prevent shoot thru. Please see the first few rows in ADN8831 data sheet.


    Consider tr, tf, td(on) and td(off) of the…

  • ADN8831 spice仿真模型