• RE: ADN8831 Out2 vs MOSFET driver input

    Update on this - it turns out the PID tuning is critical here.  I used the Matlab system identification tool to use the above response data to estimate the plant model, and then the PID tuner app to compute the PID constants. After applying them to my…

  • ADN8831










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  • ADN8831 EVB

    ADN8831 EVB schematic and Gerber Files


    The ADN8831 EVB schematic is in AN695. Please check the application note.
    Gerber files are in the attached.
  • About ADN8831


    i'm trying to understand the typical application circuit in ADN8831 and i've got a couple questions and i've got a couple questions.

    1) It says that the soft start is set with a capacitor connected from SS (pin 14) to ground, but…

  • ADN8831 Ground

    Where are the AGND and PGND tied on the ADN8831 eval board?

    It looks to me like the eval board has everything separated on the top layer and then going to one solid ground on Layer 2.  If so, the analog and power ground symbols on the eval board schematic…

  • ADN8831 Issue


    I'm having problems getting the ADN8831 to work.  My design intent is to have three of drivers controlling 3 separate thermal bodies.  My schematic is attached - although it shows the P channel FETs mirrored and i've actually corrected this and…

  • ADN8831

    Hello. Help solve the problem, with a thermoelectric controller ADN8831 used in an 695. Tell me the formula to determine the unknowns R1, R2, R3 for given values of the variables R(mid) R(low) R(high) to adjust the desired temperature range 0 - 6 C.…

  • ADN8831 Using


    I would like to ask about the current that can flow to the TEC when using the ADN 8831.

    # 1 Selection table has Iout = 4 A, but where do you see the rules if you look at the datasheet?

    # 2 If there is not it in the datasheet, is there any data…

  • ADN8831 Operation


    I have a question to the TEC controller chip.


    My laser diode output depends on the temperature.


    So, using the TEC controller chip, i want to maintain the temperature automatically when the laser output is 1W.


    In other words, the laser…

  • Technical questions ADN8831

    I understand that the ADN8831 can be used in compination with a thermistor, a
    resistive temperature device (RTD), or other temperature sensors. But, if I
    understand the manual of the evaluation board, the EVAL-ADN8831 can only be