• ADN8830 replacement


    As we see that the ADN8830 is made NRND, can anyone please suggest me the best replacement for the same.

    And what is the expected supply period for this part?

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    Nanjunda M

  • some questions about adn8830

    HERE, there are several  questions when i use ADN8830 as the TEC controller.
     1. I n the h igh temperature test(60℃),  when the pin 15(VLIM) was connected to the GND, the current of the  TEC controller was smoothly increased which is like…
  • 关于ADN8830的输出电压






  • some questions of “Control TEC with ADN8830”

    it's the schematic.

    there are some questions.

    1、the schematic is right?

    2、the voltage of VREF(pin7)can't reach 2.5V,only about 1V.【VCC=5V】

    3、4 MOSFETs can be turned on only three.

    4、the voltage of pin12 Doesn’t equal the  Twenty times the…

  • ADN8830过流烧坏,找不到原因


  • ADN8830官网显示新设计中不建议使用


  • RE: ADN8834

    I also find the application circuit of ADN8831,which seems looks like the ADN8834.I used ADN8830 ever,it seems different.But ADN8830 is not recommended,so I use ADN8834 instead.

  • ADN8831's problem

    Dear ADI's Engineer,

      Now I am using the ADN8831.

      The cutomer is using ADN8830 before and the target temperature's setting is use the Rx+ Rtherm(in ADN8830 datasheet page 8~9).

      But in ADN8831 add a resistor R+RX+Rth(in ADN8831 datasheet page14…

  • RE: ADN8831 TEC controller - 24 Voltage Application?

    The ADN8830 is included in the SPICE library, you may want to modify that model to apply to the ADN8831.

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  • RE: 请教一个高精度的温控方案

    关于TEC控制的解决方案, 现在有的解决方案是ADN8830

    可以看一下AN-695  AN-705