• ADN8810无法驱动


  • doubling ADN8810 Iout configuration query (SR#: 1202803)

    When configuring two ADN8810 devices for Iout >300mA, cause Iout fluctuates.


    For Iout >300mA.  Design and connect as shown in fig. 18 of datasheet rev.A
    (i.e. parallel them up) with track as short and of equal distance from these
  • ADN8810-Configuration of RESET and SB in Parallel Config.


    i use 8 ADN8810 for additional output current, in a setup were i need up to 4 channels each with max. 600mA.

    Each 2 ADN8810 for one Channel were assembelt like the example in the Datacheet:

  • 关于ADN8810驱动激光电流不稳定问题

    大家好!当我在使用adn8810做恒流源驱动dbr激光器的时候,发现输出的电流具有阶跃性变化。比如:在激光开启2小时后,前两小时非常稳定输出100mA,然后突然会有105mA的阶跃,然后再跳回100mA,接下来就一直反复跳跃。经过多次测试,确认是 adn8810控制的不稳定。电路采用推荐电路,fpga给出的数字控制值也非常稳定。所以到底是芯片哪里出现了问题呢?有小伙伴们知道吗?求解。。。。。。

  • Need clarification: Why the datasheet of ADN8810 says Rsn=1.6V (instead of ohms/kohms)?

    I need to make a laser driver that can give current output from 0 mA to 250 mA. I checked ADN8810 datasheet and found the recommended circuit with 2 resistors (Rsn) which are having value written over them as 1.6V (instead of ohm/kohm). Is this a typo…

  • Using CN0395 hardware (EVAL-CN0395-ARDZ), is there a way to easily change the ADN8810 FS current, and control it's output?

    Using EVAL-CN0395-ARDZ with ADICUP platform. We are just interested in the ADN8810 portion of the board, as a current source, and would like to control the current output.

  • RE: Current stability of ADN2830?

    Hi Luca,

      Thanks for the quick reply.  Seems like ADN8810 could do the trick stability wise, but our diode typically operates around 5V for 100mA.  If I read the ADN8810 spec sheet correctly, the compliance voltage is limited to 2.5V, where the ADN2830…

  • RE: Current Source for LASER diodes

    ADN8810 may be an option


    there are also other options depending on exactly what you are trying to do. For example a DAC and an amplifier can be used…

  • RE: How to get proper footpring for ADA4937-2

    Hi Jino,

    Thank you for your response! That's very great! However - I still have a question on this footprint.

    I now found the ADN8810 which seems to have the same footprint (CP-24-10) and for which I found BXL files (ADN8810ACP.bxl and ADN8810ACPZ…