• ADN8810 loading


    What are the capacitive loading limitations (i.e. minimum and/or maximum load capacitance) of this device, with respect to stability? 

    Thank you.

  • ADN8810 RESET and SB


    If I will not use SB and RESET pins, how do I connect them? Connect them to ground? PVDD? NIC them?

    Moreover the datasheet and some Q&As keep on mentioning that ADN8810 should be used on laser diodes (or diodes in general). I have an experiment…

  • ADN8810 exposed pad and oscillation problem


    On the page 13 you suggest to connect EPAD to the AVSS

    But on the pages 6 you write to connect EPAD to DGND. Where is a truth?

    Also please answer for my last question. I didnt completely solve the problem. 


  • RE: Datasheet ADN8810 clarification

    Hello Dongfeng:

    I tried using your email but it seems it doesn't work so I'll message you here.

    Based from your reply, you mentioned Iout = 30uA. Obviously this wouldn't fulfill the required Vcomp of 2V. But if Rohan chooses, Iout = 2mA, it should…

  • RE: ADN8810 issue


    I would like to know, if you were able to solve the issue? 

    The reason why I'm asking is because I have a similar problem. 

    And please correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to use the FB Pin as output in this configuration?


  • ADN8810



    I have a question  ADN8810.

    What is the control method for pulse drive?


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  • ADN8810 oscillation problem


    Please help me.

    I try to develop laser diode driver using ADN8810.

    I assembled electrical scheme according datasheet page 12 fig.20

    But I have oscillation about 11MHz on the Iout pin(9). If I remove FET transistor - there is no oscillation on…

  • doubling ADN8810 Iout configuration query (SR#: 1202803)

    When configuring two ADN8810 devices for Iout >300mA, cause Iout fluctuates.


    For Iout >300mA.  Design and connect as shown in fig. 18 of datasheet rev.A
    (i.e. parallel them up) with track as short and of equal distance from these
  • ADN8810无法驱动


  • RE: ADN8810 - Flicker Noise

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