• ADN8810



    I have a question  ADN8810.

    What is the control method for pulse drive?


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  • ADN8810 loading


    What are the capacitive loading limitations (i.e. minimum and/or maximum load capacitance) of this device, with respect to stability? 

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  • ADN8810 issue


    i try to use the ADN8810 ( current driver) to control a lens that required 300mA. i used the fig 1 of the data sheet encomp is set to gnd . /Reset and /SB to dvdd ( 5V) , Pvdd is set to 3.3V , vref to 4.096V using LM4128 and the spi is coming from…

  • ADN8810 oscillation problem


    Please help me.

    I try to develop laser diode driver using ADN8810.

    I assembled electrical scheme according datasheet page 12 fig.20

    But I have oscillation about 11MHz on the Iout pin(9). If I remove FET transistor - there is no oscillation on…

  • ADN8810 RESET and SB


    If I will not use SB and RESET pins, how do I connect them? Connect them to ground? PVDD? NIC them?

    Moreover the datasheet and some Q&As keep on mentioning that ADN8810 should be used on laser diodes (or diodes in general). I have an experiment…

  • ADN8810 pulsed operation


    I would like to use ADN8810 in pulsed mode, with response time faster than what can be achieved using the SB pin which is 6us. I need to bring the response time close to 0.1us and I was looking if the ENCOMP pin can be used for this purpose. There…

  • Datasheet ADN8810 clarification

    I need to make a laser driver that can give current output from 0 mA to 250 mA. I checked ADN8810 datasheet and found the recommended circuit with 2 resistors (Rsn) which are having value written over them as 1.6V (instead of ohm/kohm). Is this a typo…

  • ADN8810 - Flicker Noise

    The ADN8810 is a laser driver for low noise lasers. I'm missing information about noise.

    For a laser driver that is used to drive a current for a certain set point a noise figure from DC to BW should be available.

    Or flicker noise influence from…

  • ADN8810 SPI timing


    I have some questions about the SPI timing on the ADN8810 laser current source (hope this is the right place to ask, please let me know if not).

    The background to this is that I would like to run the device at a high sample rate using back-to…

  • ADN8810- Fault signal levels

    When driving common-anode-to-ground with a negative supply as shown in the picture below, are the output levels from the FAULT pin also shifted down by 5V (i.e. 0V corresponds to high/Fault and -5V corresponds to low/No Fault) or is it the other way around…