• ADN4680E Part-to-part Skew Repeatability

    The ADN4680E M-LVDS transceiver has a fairly-large level of part-to-part skew, but the data sheet does not have a lot of detail on what factors contribute to this. Should I expect these shifts to be largely static, from manufacturing, and thus calibratable…

  • About connection between ADN4680E and FPGA

    Hi all,

    We are considering the following configurations using ADN4680E.

    We want a direct connection between the ADN4680E and the FPGA.
    Is this method correct?
    Or should we also use a Buffer IC or something like that?

    If there are any problems, it would…

  • RE: ADN4662/ADN4664 High-Z O/P's on Powerdown

    Apologies, yes, ADN4662 and ADN4664 are LVDS receivers so it's the CMOS outputs that are being referred to here; they will be high impedance when the part is powered off.

    Another option if you prefer would be to use our MLVDS transceivers, as these…

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