• RE: Alternate ic suggestion for adn4654

    Hi Rohanth, 

    Unfortunately we do not offer a single chip solution for isolation of the MIPI CSI-2 interface. I am not aware of any other IC's for this type of isolation in the market either. The most compact solution is to use a CSI-2 to LVDS bridge ICs…

  • ADN4654/5 for DisplayPort

    Hi ADI Expert,

    My customer would like to implement the LVDS isolator ADN4654/5 in the DisplayPort, May I have your confirm for this application is workable? Thanks.

    Best regards.


  • ADN4654 power consumption


    In the ADN4654 data sheet, on page 3, there is a 80mA (max) supply current specification.

    I'm not sure if this value is defined for each of the isolated power domains or if it is a total current consumption of the device. 

    In the first case…

  • ADN4654 LDO input range

    ADN4654 include LDO.

    LDO recommend input range is ~3.6V

    I'd like to use by 5V, would you move?

    (It's below the biggest absolute rating.)

  • ADN4654不能工作


  • ADN4654 for MIPI signal issue


    Please support ADN4654 for MIPI signal issue. Thank you

    Q1.Is it normal that Isolator input -data (ADN4654 DOUT2) has a coupling waveform?

    Q2.How to solve the problem of abnormal DATA waveform (possibly CLK coupling)?

    Q3.When measuring DOUT2, will…

  • ADN4654 FPD-Link I usage


    Is it possible to isolate lvds signals used in FPD-Link I (1 differential clk and 5 differential data pairs) with ADN4654? Since duty cycle of clock signal is not %50, it will have DC component. Can ADN4654 handle this?



  • Invert input polarity in ADN4654 isolator

    It is posible to invert LVDS inputs in a ADN4654 isolator?

    We have a LVDS outup form ADC and, because of pcb routing issues, it would be desirable to connect the Positive LVDS output to negative input in ADN4654 an the Negative LVDS output to positive…

  • ADN4654 for isolating MIPI CSI-2

    As mentioned in the last paragraph of page-20 of the Datasheet, ADN4654 can be used for isolating MIPI CSI-2.

    I made a design like this. I found that when ADN4654 transmits high frequency HS-TX, the signal can be transmitted normally,

    but when transmitting…

  • ADV8005 and ADN4654 for Galvanic Isolation


    We need to implement galvanic isolation in video equipment with VGA, CVBS and DVI input interfaces.

    The following diagram shows one of our approaches.


    Although the input image may be at 1920x1080p60 (Full HD), it will be converted to 1280x720p60…