• ADN4650 temperature high.

    When used ADN4650,the chips got hot ,we have used the internal LDO, supply voltage is 3.3V, the temperature goes about  80° after working a while ,and some chips have no output, when we cool the chips down, it works well.

    we wonder what temperature…

  • ADN4650 output load resistance


    I am FAE in Japanese Distributor.

    Our customer will use ADN4650 to connect CKP/N of LTC2000 at 200MHz.

    |Vod| min of ADN4650  is 250mV and CKP/N differential input voltage min of LTC2000 is +-300mV.

    I think |Vod| min of ADN4650 is in violation of CKP…

  • Isolate MIPI bus with ADN4650

    MIPI bus is combined with lvds(HP status) and single endded(LP status). My project need to isolate MIPI. Let's assume LP status make no sense to my project. Can  ADN4650 pass all the HP singles? I am worried about the when switch from LP to HP. 

  • ADN4650 unused Input pin


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is designing a schematic with ADN4650 and gives us a question. What should we do when the input pins is unused?



  • ADN4650 refresh pulse and min data rate

    The ADN4650 data sheet mentions that periodic decoder refresh pulses are issued in the absence of input transitions for more than 1us. For an input signal with a period of 1us will the refresh pulses cause any issue? The data sheet only mentions a maximum…

  • The Creepage of ADN4650 LVDS isolator chip

    For medical device, it is required that the LVDS isolator chip provides 8mm creepage distance for two means of protection. I just found on ADN4650 datasheet, 20-lead SOIC package provides 7.8mm. 

    I am not quite sure if this chip meet the 8mm requirement…

  • ADN4650 Θjc( Junction-to-Case)


    My customers are considering ADN 4650.

    In the data sheet, ΘJA is specified, but ΘJC is not listed.

    How much ΘJC's are there?

    Should I look for materials on the site below?
    I do not know the package code and STYLE LEAD COUNT ...


  • RE: Using ADN4650 for Isolating TMDS

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  • ADN4650 cable specification can be used


        I using ADN4650 for LVDS application , In datasheet it is mentioned that the cable can be used for a few meters. What is the maximum cable length can be used and what type of cable can be used.?

  • 关于LVDS隔离芯片ADN4650的问题