• RE: ADN4624 Isolator voltage rating

    Hi Praveen,

    The ADN4624 requires a 1.8V power supply on each side to power the I/O and digital isolator core. The I/O voltage on the other hand supports low voltage differential signals, specifically LVDS but others such as CML (current mode logic) can…

  • RE: ADN4624 unused pins

    Hi SQuinn, 

    The inputs of unused channels should be biased to prevent an indeterminate output state. 

    For the unused channels, I'd recommend connecting the DIN+ input to the 1.8V VDD1 power supply rail, and the DIN- input to the GND1 rail. This will set…

  • RE: ADN4624 MIPI isolator power supply



  • Using ADN4624 for HDMI isolation

    I am working in a project which requiers HDMI isolation. In CN0422, interface between LVDS to CML and vice versa is detaily described. In CN0422, pull up resistors to 3V3, termination resistors and serial ac coupling capacitors are explained with their…

  • RE: What ADCs can ADN4624 isolate?

    ADN4624 can provide drop-in isolation of ADCs with LVDS I/O such as ADAQ23875, LTC2378-18, AD7960/AD7961, HMCAD1511, AD9634. Other ADCs can be isolated by converting single-ended CMOS to LVDS using ADN4663/ADN4664 or using an FPGA to serialize parallel…

  • RE: Does the ADN4624 have a minimum data rate?

    No the ADN4624 has no minimum data rate requirement. As well as latching the output state in the event there are no input transitions, an internal “refresh” mechanism ensures the output is corrected if necessary (for example, at power up, or if a common…

  • RE: How can ADN4624 be used to isolate MIPI-CSI2?

    The MIPI-CSI2 physical layer multiplexes differential transmission with low power control signaling. The easiest way to use ADN4624 to isolate MIPI-CSI2 link is to use an FPGA or dedicated video IC to translate between MIPI-CSI2 and LVDS.

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    Compact multi-gigabit digital isolators with an aggregate bandwidth of 10 Gigabits open up new system architectures in Digital Health, Instrumentation and Smart Industry applications. The ADN4624 family offer robust isolation and data integrity in harsh…

  • LVDS isolators in DAQ signal chain

    Why use an LVDS isolator like ADN4624 in my DAQ signal chain?

  • Comment on 6/17/2021 Fastest Ever – Innovate with 2.5 Gigabit Digital Isolators

    I see that the ADN4624 has a speed of 2.5 Gbps on each channel.  Are there any plans on making a USB Hi-Speed (480 Mbps) isolator?