• ADN4624 AC Couple Input Conditioning


    I am wondering if the ADN4624 can accept AC coupled signals without introducing Bias. I am using a 1.5GBPS SMPTE IC and it would be a shame to need all those stubs.

    Currently I have AC couple and 100 Ohm termination only, but the datasheet says…

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  • ADN4624 Isolator voltage rating

    Hi Team
    we are working on CX3 and Deserializer. 

    I have a doubt about the working voltage of the ADN4624 Isolator. https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/adn4624.pdf

    In the Datasheet it is mentioned ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS fo…

  • ADN4624 MIPI isolator power supply

    Hi Team

    we are working on CX3 and Deserializer. 

    I doubt the working voltage of the ADN4624 Isolator.

    In Datasheet it mentioned ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS for VDD1 to GND1/VDD2 to GND2 is -0.3V to 2V  ( In page 8). 

    Also in recommended voltage is 1.7V to 1…

  • ADN4624 unused pins

    What is the recommended way to handle unused channels on this part?

  • What ADCs can ADN4624 isolate?

  • Does the ADN4624 have a minimum data rate?

  • Using ADN4624 for HDMI isolation

    I am working in a project which requiers HDMI isolation. In CN0422, interface between LVDS to CML and vice versa is detaily described. In CN0422, pull up resistors to 3V3, termination resistors and serial ac coupling capacitors are explained with their…

  • How can ADN4624 be used to isolate MIPI-CSI2?