• ADN4612 register file, revision ID register

    What is the most recent/expected value of this revision ID register, address/offset 0xFE.  This for the ADN4612.  We are currently seeing the value as 0xA9.  Doesn't seem reasonable, but did see this value in a recent support request/reply.  The datasheet…

  • Any 8x8 switch similar to ADN4612 (11.5Gbps per channel)

    We are planning to use ADN4612 in our design, which is 12x12 channel.

    Is there any part with same speed for each channel (11.5Gbps) with 8x8?

  • ADN4612 - Jitter


    For ADN4612, what are the factors determining Jitter performance.

    What is the best Jitter performance we can get and what are the settings?

    We plan to input clock signal with <50fs jitter. What will be the expected output jitter?

    thank you.


  • RE: ADN4612 register file

    is it possible to provide gui that generate such file without eval board connected?

  • RE: ADN4612 and ADN2915- Schematics & supported features

    is there any gui configuratpr available for adn4612 that allow to configure all registers and then export to the static table header file that can be included directly in user specific c code?

  • RE: If have register map for ADN4612 ?

    is there any trick to generate register map using eval software without eval board connected?

  • ADN4612 IBIS-AMI Model Documentation

    Hello, I downloaded the IBIS-AMI model for the ADN4612 and want to make sure I'm simulating with it properly. The model type for the receiver is a terminator - is that intentional? Should I be using this with another model that's classified as an input…

  • ADN4612 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADN4612, 11.3Gbps 12x12 Digital Crosspoint Switch.

    We recommend that, if you download and use this document, you subscribe to email notifications for either the entire forum…


    1. LOS IRQ can only be supported to 1.8V

    2. VTTI supply range = 1.8V (+/-10% tolerance)

    3. VTTO supply range = 1.8V to 3.3V (+/-10% tolerance)

  • Does ADN4612 support 3G-SDI with 75 ohm termination?


    We plan to use ADN4612 as a 3G-SDI cross point  switch with 75 ohm termination cable. I found that 50 ohm internal termination available at source and destination end inside the chip.Does it create any wave effect when i connect standard 75 ohm…