• ADN4604

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We want to use ADN4604 for switching high-speed serial communication signal .   What I current procedures is first selecting Map…
  • RE: Intermittent Video on ADV7623

    Thanks for the quick and direct response!

    Based on what you wrote, the minimum differential input signal swing for the ADV7623 is 800mv (the HDMI minimum).  Is that correct?

    Given that the ADV7623 is being driven by an ADN4604 cross-point switch, it…

  • ADN4604 using iic to read and write registers will have wrong data

    When adn4604 uses iic to read and write data, wrong data will appear. Is there any difference between the IIC timing of adn4604 and ordinary IIC timing?


  • How to get ADN4604 EVAL Software

    Can I have a ADN4604 EVAL Software?  Where to go to download the ADN4604 EVAL Software?

    Please let me know.

  • RE: ADN4604 for TFT Monitor

    Hi Jose,

    The ADN4604 is a 4.25 Gbps 16x16 asynchronous non-blocking crosspoint switch. The 4K2K@30Hz TMDS data rate is approximately 3.4Gbps so the ADN4604 can support the data rate.

    How long is the transmission line from the HDMI connector to the…

  • ADN4604 IICwrong data

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    When we used ADN4604, we found that IIC will have wrong data when reading and writing data. Is there any difference between IIC of ADN4604 and ordinary IIC?

  • RE: ADN4604 Routing

    Switching time is the time for the ADN4604 to switch from one crosspoint configuration (or map) to another.  Switching time is specificed in Table 1 of the ADN4604 datasheet. 

  • How to use ADN4604 in Display port application

    ADN4604 is already mass used in our hdmi matrix production up to 4k30 and works well.

    We have a new production, in this production some ports of one ADN4604  are used for display port splitter.

    DP in/out use AC coupling and ADN4604 RXTX 50 ohm termination on,  3.3V power supply. no need HDCP feature…
  • ADN4604 as HDMI Switcher

    Figure 51 on page 32 of the Rev A datasheet for the ADN4604 shows a 16 input/16 output HDMI crosspoint switch.  However, I don't see how it is possible to configure the ADN4604 so that it will accept HDMI signals on the input and output HDMI compliant…

  • RE: HDMI buffer 1:4

    I would recommend you consider the ADN4604.  It is a general purpose 16x16 digital crosspoint switch that could easily be configured to operate in a 1:4 HDMI or DisplayPort application. 

    Please take a look at the datasheet at www.analog.com/ADN4604