• ADN4604 Routing


    I am planning to use ADN4604 in my design. My requirements are that I need 8 inputs and 16 outputs. Each input has to be given to 2 ouputs. Is this possible to do it in ADN4604. In the datasheet it says that the switch supports multicast and broadcast…

  • ADN4604

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We want to use ADN4604 for switching high-speed serial communication signal .   What I current procedures is first selecting Map…
  • ADN4604 IICwrong data

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    When we used ADN4604, we found that IIC will have wrong data when reading and writing data. Is there any difference between IIC of ADN4604 and ordinary IIC?

  • ADN4604 Terminations


    I am looking to connect the High Speed inputs of an ADN4604 directly to an Equaliser's Output. I have the option of 100ohm parallel termination or 50ohm termination to VCC at the ADN4604 input. What would be your preferred choice for a short route…

  • ADN4604被复位???


  • SDI of ADN4604


    SDI is video interface,I'm not sure it's suitable for asking questions on video title or not,if it's not,I don't know where is suitable for this,so I start at here first.

    I'm using ADN4604 to switch and copy SDI(2.97Gbps) signals…

  • ADN4604 SDI interface


    I would like to know if it is possible to connect directly HD-SDI signals (1.5 Gbps) to the ADN4604 inputs and outputs pin and if yes what are the recommended connection schematics.

    HD-SDI interface use 75 ohms asymetrical electrical interface…

  • ADN4604 IBIS Model


    I am using the ADN4604 Component at my design and I would to receive IBIS model of the component in order to perform Signal Integrity simulation at Hyperlynx. Any other format that Hyperlynx can use is also fine.

    Best regards,

    Dibnis Vladi

  • ADN4604 power dissipation


    im using the ADN4604 crosspoint switch.

    i am doing a power analysis as my application is power sensitive.

    i would like to know how can i calculate the power dissipationconsidering number of channels functional and specific termination voltage .

  • ADN4604切换芯片


    2:是否能提供一份 使用I2C控制芯片切换 寄存器参数组 ,以便后续方便调试;

    3:麻烦提供一份 最简单的I2C寄存器参数组,使得输入到ADN4604的视频差分信号按照默认配置输出有信号(目前使用的MINDSPEED 切换芯片无输出,所以求谨慎)