• ADN4600 Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADN4600, 4.25Gbps 8x8 Digital Crosspoint Switch.

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  • RE: ADN4600 Eval - PIC firmware

    ADN4600 EVB schematic and documentation have been provided offline.

  • ADN4600 SEU data

    I'm looking for soft error rates in FIT/Mb caused by single event upsets (SEUs) affecting memory cells used in the ADN4600 family for aerospace applications. I need this information to conduct the SEU analysis for the ADN4600 at a high altitude. 

  • ADN4600 Heating Issue


    I have designed a PCB using ADN4600 to cross point connect various I2S (Inter IC Sound) data streams. But unfortunately the ADN4600 goes into shutdown mode due to heat up. Kindly help in this regard asap.. Below is the snap of the schematic.

  • Using ADN4600 For I2S Data Stream Switching


    Can ADN4600 be used for switching the I2S (Inter IC Sound) protocol data stream?. My system consist of 8 I2S Audio Codecs having common I2S continuous serial clock (SCK) and
    word select (WS) signals. What I want is to switch the I2S serial data from…

  • ADN4600 thermal characteristics

    what are the package thermal resistances for junction-ambient, junction-case
    and junction-board for ADN4600 in 64 pin CSP? The ADN4600 datasheet does not
    give this information and the thermal datasheet on ADI website only provides
  • ADN4600 Junction Temperature

    What is the max Junction Temperature for the ADN4600 Crosspoint Switch?
    It is not included in the datasheet.


    The Tj maximum specification is 125 degC for this process and package. This was
    an omission from the ADN4600 datasheet…
  • ADN4600 Lane Inversion

    The ADN4600 datasheet contains the following warning re input lane inversion:-

    Using the lane inversion feature to account for signal inversions downstream of the receiver requires additional attention when switching connectivity.

    Can you please…

  • ADN4600: Reset Power on timing

    What is the reset power on timing for the ADN4600? This is not mentionned in
    the datasheet specifications.


    The attached figure (reset timing diagram) is from the ADN8102 data sheet,
    which is actually the same die as ADN4600, but fused…