• Question about ADN2830

    In the ADN2830 data sheet, we know that current sink mode is the the factory default configuration.  if we use this mode, Should the IBMON pins  be  connected  to the ground in the Fig 2 and Fig3 in the datasheet ???  I think it is not necessary 'cause IBMON…

  • ADN2830: Monitor photodiode

    Our laser diode has a monitor photo diode with 1439.554 uA for maximum laser
    output power.However, your Continuous wave laser average power controller
    ADN2830 accepts Monitor Photodiode currents from 50ua to 1200uA.How can I
  • ADN2830 MPD current

    For ADN2830, I would like to get the detailed transfer functions between IMPD
    and IBIAS. I found there was only the simple description  stated in the
    datasheet. Would you pls give the exact transfer function between them?


    MPD is one…
  • ADN2830 Laser Diode Controller

    I have spun a board for the ADN2830 to control a JDSU laser with internal photo detector. The good news is both the cathode and anode
    are isolated from the case. I'm using two in master/slave as I need about 300ma Id. Currently I have a Si rectifier for…

  • ADN2830输入信号



  • ADN2830 Monitor Photodiode Current

    Dear Sir,

    While using ADN2830, we found the PD current from laser  is lager than 2000 uA. However, the photodiode current

    ADN2830 can receieved is less than 1200uA. Than, how can we use the ADN2830 to driver this laser?

  • Current stability of ADN2830?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know what the current stability is of the power controller ADN2830, when operating to control constant current, rather than constant power?

    Here is my application:  We'd like to use an ADN2830 eval board as a current controller…

  • Current precision of ADN2830


    I have 2 questions regarding ADN2830, TEC Controller IC.

    1. What is the current (or power) precision of the output power of the ADN2830? Like how precisely it can be varied (like 1microAmps/10microAmps).

    2. Is it possible to control the PSET pin with…

  • ADN2830的ALS功能




    When ALS is logic high, the bias current is turned off. Correct operation of ALS can be confirmed by the fail alarm being raised when ALS is asserted.


  • ADN2830 loop bandwidth selection capacitor


    In the ADN2830 datasheet, section "LOOP BANDWIDTH SELECTION", it says that a multilayer ceramic capacitor with insulation resistance greater than 100 G-ohms. I can't find any ceramic capacitors with these specifications, is this a typo or can…