• ADN2820 & HMC6590

    The ADN2820 datasheet indicates the ADN2820 is available in a butterfly package. Where can I find out more information about the specs of the photodiode?

    Also, is the HMC6590 available in a package as well as die form?

  • ADN2820 application

    Could I use the ADN2820 transmission unbalance pattern, like 00000000000000000001 repeat ?

  • ADN2820 Question

    Dear Sir/Madame

          I would like to use your TIA ADN2820 with an photo-diode. The functional block diagram proposed in Figure 1. of datasheet has the anode of photo-detector connected with input pin (IN). However, I have only access to cathode of our photo…

  • ADN2820: Optical fiber communication

    Since our Institute deals with optical fiber communication we are interested in
    the following device: TIA ADN2820.

    Unfortunately I could not find an information on the 3dB bandwidth depending on
    the photodiode capacitance. Since we are…
  • ADN2820 eye diagram distortion


    We will adopt ADN2820 for TIA in SFP+ 10G Optoical module, but found eye diagram distortion at 10GHz and high frequency.

    Attachment are test  eye diagram and circuit diagram.

    Measure points are OUT,OUTB

    Could you give some hints to solve it?

  • ADN2820 application circuit issue


          Can not use Cb at ADN2820 application ? If it need to use, and must be so close to the TIA do? Could via pin after pin capacitance extra supply.

    Since I am now unable to encounter TIA output response amplitude, uncertain whether they are the…

  • ADN2820 Reverse bias voltage

    Thank you for your fast response


    The interest bandwidth of the photo-detector signal should be between 1.4 GHz and 2.6 GHz (the data will have about 2 Gbits/s). Our photo-detector was designed using photonic integrated techniques and only has two pads…

  • RE: Input impedanc of TIA, ADN2820

    Dear Park,

    ADN2820 is one of quantizer type of TIA products. ADN2820 input expects a signal current source with huge output impedance, such as a photo-diode. ADN2820 input is clamped by an internal voltage reference to 0.85V.

    If your RF device output impedance…

  • Can anyone suggest how to get ADN2820 footprint

    I would like design a TIA for 10Gbps so that i have chosen ADN2820 but i could not find footprint to design in ADS software. can anyone suggest how to get footprint of it?.



  • RE: Input impedance of 10Gbps TIA

    If imepdance is OK, I will use ADN2820.