• ACE does not recognize ADMV1014-EVALZ

    Hi all, 

    I have 9 ADMV1014-EVALZ but ACE (1.23.3085.133, 64 bits) does not recognize any of them. I installed the ACE ADMV1014-1014 plugin using the plug-in Manager, no problem.

    When I connect the ADMV1014 board to the computer using the USB, the system…

  • ADMV1014 SPI Pin: SDO Tri-State ?


    I will be using the ADMV1014 in a shared SPI bus with ADMV1013.

    Does the SDO line go in high impedance when the SEN is disabled? ( I checked the Answer in the upconverter chip ADMV1013 Q&A where it's answered that it does Tri-state. I wanted to check…

  • ADMV1014 Loading defaults register


    I’m using an evaluation board of ADMV1014(Down Converter).

    It had been working well for a while ( a week or so) but now I’m facing a trouble on Error status in “Parity Error Mask”. The status in GUI is red in the GUI window as shown below…

  • ADMV1014 3.3V Supply Current Consumption Breakdown

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to get a more refined breakdown of typical current consumed by each of the 3.3V supply pins on the ADMV1014. (i.e. VCC_IF_BB, VCC_VGA, VCC_LNA_3P3, VCC_MIXER, VCC_BG and VCC_QUAD) Currently, the specification lumps the current…

  • ADMV1014 Specifications


    I'm DFAE. I have received a question about specification of ADMV1014 from my customer. 

    We can see following description on page 3 in the datasheet;

         " Measurements are in IF mode, performed with a 90° hybrid, ..."

    Do specification…

  • RE: ADMV1014 Enable0/1

    Hi Maurizio,

    Thank you for your question. Could you clarify your question better?

    If this is referring to the pins of the ADMV1014 there is no pin named Enable. 



  • ADMV1014 - LO input power in SE mode


    I have a couple of questions about the ADMV1014 LO drive.

    1. The datasheet recommends a LO drive level from -6dBm to 6dBm (Table 1), presumably when driving the LO ports differentially.  What is the recommended LO drive range when driving the ADMV1014…
  • RE: ADMV1014 DET output

    Marking as answered due to lack of reply

  • ADMV1014 Will Not Communicate

    I loaded the software like the User Guide says but the Vcntrl DAC will not change voltage.

    UG-1420 says 

    1. Uninstall old ACE

    2. Delete the ACE folder in C:ProgData\Analog Devices

    3. Install latest version of ACE

    I then went to the ADMV1014 product pa…

  • about ADMV1014


       For the admv1014,I want to design a closed-loop control system  of the RF input variable attenuator through an external op amp . do you have any  reference circuit for this option?

    Thank you very much!