The S Parameter data for the IC we provide on the website is the return loss. For frequency conversion parts 2 port S Parameters are not applicable.

    You could use the datasheet to make the rest of your model. The datasheet has the typical RF data relevant…

  • ADMV1013-LO feedthrough offset calibration

    Hi, I am working on ADMV1013. Where can I find the procedure for LO feedthrough calibration adjustment? 


  • RE: ADMV1013 SPI Configuration with External MCU


     At which point on the board did you probe to make this measurements/ inject the SPI signals into the part? I suggest removing resistors R2, R3, R4, R6 and R8 and then injecting the signals on the IC side of these resistor pads.


  • RE: ADMV1013 Logic Input current

    Hi Maurizio,

    During our testing we found 10k to be adequate. Note these pullups won't be really required if the FXLT4D245 is working correctly.



  • ADMV1013 SDO tri-state?

    I am going to use the ADMV1013 in a shared SPI bus: does the SDO line go in high impedance when the SEN and SEN1 are disabled?



  • ADMV1013


        I noticed that the ADMV1013 is enabled to detect the power of the output of VVA1 in it,and it also could control the  Voltage Variable Attenuator .But in the evaluation board seems hasn't use the output of the detector.

       I want to use these two…

  • Multiples ADMV1013 synchronisation

    Hello experts,

    I would like to know if there is a way to synchronize the RF output signals of 2 (or more) ADMV1013? I tried some experiments but I can not synchronize the outputs of the ADMV1013s.

    Here a schematic of the measurement setup:

    The IF_I inputs…

  • about ADMV1013&1014

    Hi,we know both of the ADMV1013&1014 could work with a real IF,while an external 90° hybrid is required to select the appropriate sideband.

    But,how to connect the converter chip to the 90°hybrid,which pin should be connected to the 0° pin of the…

  • ADMV1013 USB Drivers

    I am trying to install the USB drivers indicated in the ADMV1013 Users guide instruction. Upon starting the "ADMV1013EvaluationBoardUSBDriver.exe" i get an "installation aborted" note and any details i see "Downloading NI-VISA Runtime....NI-VISA Runtime…



        From the datasheet of ADMV1013,I'v found that there is only one attenuator in the block diagram of it,but in the table of PIN CONFIGURATION ,two VCTRL pins control two attenuator.Why?

       In addition,there are two triangle ,which mean to amplifier…