• New MEMS microphone products

    New MEMS microphone products by JeradL

    We have recently released four new MEMS microphones, so I want to make sure that everyone is aware of them and highlight the key features of each.


    This is a new digital microphone that has the widest dynamic…

  • A2B project (adi_a2b_master_ADAU1452..dspproj)


          I'm a newer to A2B bus,i want to confirm A2B bus demo project in 3 node work normal,but i only have 2 demo PCB, EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ and EVAL-AD2428WB1BZ,In these PCB,no microphones on it.

        1.open adi_a2b_3NodeSampleDemoConfig.dspproj in sigma studio…

  • RE: A2B Sigma Studio Schematic analog to analog & optical to optical beetween 2 cards AD2428WD1BZ

    Hi Simon, Loic,

    Please see attached project file along with readme for instructions on how to route Line-In to Line-Out/ SPDIF-IN to SPDIF-Out data through two EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ boards (used as both Master & Slave0)



    Thanks, Swaroop…

  • Comment on Understanding Microphone Sensitivity

    Hi, So can you please describe to me differences of ADMP421 −26 dBFS   vs ADMP621  −46 dBFS ?

    1 Which mic I have to use in listening from 1-3 m device? Which device more sensitive?

    2 can I raise internal mic gain?

  • RE: EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ Routing Audio from AD2428 -> HP outputs

    Hi Viktor, sorry for delay and yes you are correct. There is jumper provision for both AD2428 and ADUAU1452  to connect to ADAU1761. Please see attached example '_bypass_SigmaDSP' project if it helps and user guide for your reference. 

    Are you looking…

  • EVAL ADAU1761Z with Digital Microphones

    Hi everyone!!

           Actually, I'm doing an internship on MEMS Sensors more precisely on Microphones. I bought an Audio Codec ADAU 1761 on evalboard and several digital microphones (evalboard) build by Invensense.

           For my project, I use the program SigmaStudio…