• ADMP521 0dBFS

      What is the correlation between 0dBFS for the ADMP521 and ADAU1761 digital input?

  • ADMP521 mems microphone modulation levels

    I am trying to drive a 521 using SPI hardware to drive the PDM clock (1Mhz) and capture pulses.

    (Yes this is a hack but its been done before, see http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2232&rID=43249)

    I can see variable PDM data come in when I…

  • DC Offset in ADMP521 PDM output


    I am making measurements with the EVAL-ADMP521Z-FLEX using Clock: 1.78 MHz, Vdd=3.3v. I sample the PDM output bit train into a PC computer and make my analysis by S/W (I simulate a 4-pole LPF that produces signed 16-bit samples at 8.0 Ksamp/sec)…

  • Could SHARC be a driver for 256 PDM microphones like ADMP521?


    I've started a discussion in Beamforming with MEMS microphones. And now I want to use 256 microphones ADMP521 and 128

    ADAU7002 (a new IC that can do PDM-to-I2S/TDM decimation) for beamforming application. So I will have 32 TDM8 lines. What…

  • FAQ: Can a digital microphone's PDM output be directly connected to an I2S input?

    A PDM output microphone, such as the ADMP421 or ADMP521, cannot directly interface to an I2S port. Theses microphones should be connected to the PDM input on codecs such as the ADAU1361 and ADAU1761. The ADMP441 MEMS microphone has an I2S output that…

  • MEMS microphone IBIS models

    MEMS microphone IBIS models by JeradL

    IBIS models are now available for our MEMS microphones with digital interfaces - the ADMP421, ADMP521, and ADMP441. You can download these models through this link to Tools, Software, and Simulation Models. Check…

  • New MEMS microphone products

    New MEMS microphone products by JeradL

    We have recently released four new MEMS microphones, so I want to make sure that everyone is aware of them and highlight the key features of each.


    This is a new digital microphone that has the widest dynamic…

  • RE: Getting digital microphones to work on EVAL-ADAU1777Z ?

    Hello HonestEffort,

    ADI sold off the MEMS microphone product line to Invensense so you can still find the ADMP521 but it is now called the INMP521.

    Can you attach your project? There are some many ways that you can lose the signal that it will take…

  • Beamforming with MEMS microphones


    I want to create a beamforming system with more than 100 mics on a board. Now I think about using analog output MEMS mics like ADMP504. After mics I want to use simultaneously sampling multichannel sigma-delta ADC like TI ADS1278 for data capturing…