• ADMP441 phase


    we are currently working on a project where the phase of a sampled signal is important. We are planing of using ADMP441 for this purpose. We have a couple of questions:

    1: Are there any number saying how accurate the signal is sampled with respect…

  • ADMP441 clipping

    Hi all! I know this topic has come up in a few other posts, but I want to clarify a few points about the ADMP441.

    I have an ADMP441 directly connected to an STM32F4xx ARM Cortex-M3. I have configured the MCU I2S peripheral to capture Philips I2S standard…

  • ADMP441 output format

    I want to ask your confirmation if ADMP441 will provide the data in the two’s
    complement. We design a speech recorder which stores e.g. 30 secs then calls a
    number and plays back using the DAC. We use a Cortex-M3 uC and its internal
  • ADMP441 iMEMS® microphones

    Hi all

    I see non-white noise when using the ADMP441 microphones. If you are a user of this microphone, would you mind recording a few seconds of no signal (just room acoustics - feel free to say something as well), analyse it, i.e. the noise, and let…

  • ADMP441 frequency response

    Hi everyone

    My company want to use the ADMP441 microphone in our product, but first we want to know everything about it. I checked its frequency response and found something strange. The lower part of the characteristic looks same as drawing from datasheet…

  • ADMP441: white noise

    Hi ! all,

        how to reduce white  noise of ADMP441? thank you for all replies!  

  • ADMP441 not working.

    I have followed the data sheet of the ADMP441 to the dot and i am using STM32f373cc for get data from it using I2S but all i get is a constant noise on the data line. I already have a 100k pull down resistor on it. Anyone has a solution to this problem…

  • ADMP441, SSM2529 Speech transmission

    I am constructing a hearing aid for my bachelor degree project. This hearing aid will consist of a microphone with a Nordic Semiconductor nRF2460 2.4 GHz transmitter, and a receiver of samë model with a speaker. This device should filter out any unwanted…

  • ADAU1701 connect to ADMP441


    I connect ADMP441(digital MEMS microphone) to ADAU1701. The sound volume is not high enough.

    So I add 2 linear gain in serial to boost the volume. The first gain is 15, the second is 6. Then I get a high volume sound which I can hear it easily.…

  • Noise Problem with ADMP441

    Dear All,

    the backround of the audio signal I captured with a ADMP441 contains  a constant and audible buzzing in addition to the desired signal. I connected this microphone to a BF526 processor according to  CN-0266.

    (Whereas CN-0266 describes the setting…