• ADMP404


    Could you provide replacement of ADMP404 microphone, that mass produced  now.

  • Conditioning ADMP404 output for ADC

    I am looking into using the ADMP404 MEMS mic as a source for medium quality (100-3,000Hz) voice.  Everything runs off a low power 3v supply.  I need to compress/condition the audio input and also amplify it so that it can be digitized using a 12 bit ADC…

  • What is the difference between the ADMP404 and ADMP405?

    These two microphones look very similar. What is the difference between them?

  • RE: Which analog microphone should I choose for my application?

    Below are the key differentiators between these different analog output microphones.

    ADMP401 - slightly larger package than the others, different footprint. The larger package gives it a slightly lower low-frequency roll-off. It's sensitivity is -42…

  • RE: Microphone's peak output signal level

    Although it would be good practice to make you work through the calculations yourself, I'll list the maximum output voltage for Analog Devices' MEMS microphones here.

    ADMP401: 158 mV peak

    ADMP404: 250 mV peak

    ADMP405: 250 mV peak


  • RE: Microphone specs

    Application Note AN-1112 (PDF link), "Microphone Specifications Explained", has the information you're looking for. This app note describes microphone specs such as sensitivity, directionality, SNR, dynamic range, equivalent input noise, THD, and PSRR…

  • RE: MEMS Microphone peak output signal level

    Hi Andy,

    An analog microphone's peak output voltage can be derived from the sensitivity and maximum SPL specs. Let's use the ADMP404, which has a -38 dBV sensitivity and 120 dB SPL maximum acoustic input, as an example.

    The -38 dBV sensitivity…

  • Hearing Aid Solution / Echo Cancellation Algorithm


    Is echo cancellation available in the SigmaStudio? If yes, which SigmaDSP able to use that algorithm? Is it available for ADAU1381?

    By the way, for ADAU1381, I couldn't find the ADAU1381.dspproj which supposed to be located in the SigmaStudio program…

  • RE: 5532 1st order bandpass for electret mic preamp

    If you are interested in using our MEMS microphones for your design, I would recommend either the ADMP404, which has a flat frequency response from 100 Hz to 15 kHz, or the ADMP504, which has a very high SNR of 65 dB. It looks like you're using a large…

  • Choosing a good opamp for a mic preamp

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good opeamp to use in a simple microphone preamp circuit for ADI's MEMS microphones. The noise floor of these microphones is at -100 dBV (10 uV), A-weighted, with a 20 kHz bandwidth. The typical use of this preamp…