• AD7606 数据采集卡 ADMP401全向麦克风模块

    使用数据采集卡 和淘宝商家的 ad-7606 demo采集程序 接麦克风录出的数据为 txt / bin文件 为一串串电压值,请问如何还原为音频信号

  • ADMP401 startup

    One of our customer, RADE, is using the ADMP401. They are watching a delay of
    30 ms., between the power on of the system and the signal presence in the
    output. You can see the picture attached.

    In the datasheet there isn´t any information…
  • ADMP401的输出范围



  • RE: ADMP401 SMD Microphone

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  • ADMP401 connection


    I need help with this device. I have got a board ADMP401 but i dont know how connect it to my project.

    I can connect the output AUD of ADMP401 to my PC for example? Or i need a gain stage, DSP stage....?

    I want use ADMP401 for voice recognition…

  • ADMP401 连接电路图&输出幅值过小

    用ADMP401 、两节1.5VAA电池组成3V电源组成拾音器,通过3,5mm接头接入电脑录音测试,这种连接没有接入隔直电容,没用使用平衡接法,发现即便在傍边大声呼喊才能录到-27db的声音,请问ADMP401应如何真确连接,以及现在这种连接有什么问题?


  • 【求助】ADMP401 加运放ADA4897-1 电路  Vref取值问题?

    ADMP401 加运放ADA4897-1 电路  Vref,这个参考电压应该取什么值?这个取值有什么要求呢?

  • RE: ADAU1761 SigmaStudio 4.1, detail information about Fixed / Beam Forming Designer


    1.I got it, thank you, any ideas on the depth of falloff?Or should I try another MEMS?

    2.Is the MEMS currently used ADMP401, or is there a recommended MEMS module?

  • Which analog microphone should I choose for my application?

    Analog Devices has a few different analog mics - ADMP401, ADMP404, ADMP405, and ADMP504. What's the difference between each of them?

  • RE: 5532 1st order bandpass for electret mic preamp

    I would recommend that you connect the ECM mic to the SSM2019 in a differential configuration, or you might consider using one of the analog MEMS microphones in our portfolio, such as the ADMP401 or ADMP504.