• RE: Data Acquisition of ADP5091


    I used the ADM8613 ADC to read the current as long as you choose the correct sense resistor. or you can use Agilent 34410.


  • Beware of ADM861x!! This """"watchdog"""" is worse than nothing!

    I found that once in a few dozens of powerups ADM8613 locks in some dead state:

    RESET stuck low forever, no matter that VCC is OK and stable.

    Moreover, MR, which is input at all, stuck low as well!!!

    In my design, MR is unconnected, which is legal…

  • RE: Is there a push pull version of the ADCMP380?

    I see.

    I can't help you with the push pull situation, but I may have a solution to make your divider dream come true.

    take a look at ADM8611.being voltage supervisors they operates slightly different to compactors in that they have a build in delay…