• The EN pin of ADM7172

    Hi all, I am using this ADM7172 to gain a 5V output. I want to control its' EN pin with a STM32 GPIO in OD(open drain) mode with a resistor pulling up to 5V, so it's like 0V/5V logic

    But, here in the datasheet 

    I don't understand what is EN INPUT…

  • ADM7172


    I need to power five VCO chips,which input voltage is 3.3V and input current is 200mA. I want to use ADM7172ACPZ-3.3-R7 to power that, and the output current of ADM7172 is 2A.

    Because of the VCO is Temperature-sensitive, in order to reduce the…

  • Enable pin on ADM7172

    Hello All,

    I am designing the ADM7172 into my system. I have a few questions about the Enable pin.

    1) The EN pin appears to need a step input. Do I need to put a diode etc in order to create this step event or can I just use the setup I use in the…

  • Minimum drive current for ADM7172 ?

    Hi All,

    I have a number of ADM7172's being cascaded one after another. I am using them to step down from 6V to 1.8V.

    Before you ask, in my application I cannot use switch mode power supplies.

    What I am worried about is whether the ADM7172 has…

  • ADM7172 - starting with negative biased output

    Due to badly planned power sequencing the outputs (VOUT and SENSE) of an ADM7172 (fixed 3.3V) go down to -1V before the positive power supply (3.7V) is applied to its inputs (VIN and EN). I think the chips that should be powered with 3.3V are now "powered…

  • ADM7170, ADM7171, ADM7172 soft start

    Is the soft start cap used to bypass the reference?

    Is there a max SS cap I can use?

    The description says also that SS needs to be left open when not used, but could the SS pin be used also as a REF in or Track function to lower the output voltage?…

  • Parallel outputs of ADM7172 for increased output current?

    Need 3A for a very low noise RF amplifier.  The ADM7172 would be perfect if it had greater output current.

    • Can I parallel the outputs of 2x ADM7172 via small (i.e. 10 mOhm) resistors?
      • If so, what size resistors are recommended?
      • How will…
  • Power Dissipation of ADM7170, ADM7171 and ADM7172.

    The data sheets for the ADM7170, ADM7171 and the ADM7172 all list the same thermal resistances even though their rated currents are 0.5A, 1.0A and 2.0 respectively. How can this be so if their maximum junction temperatures are all the same?

  • 线性稳压器ADM7172可否降两个并联使用实现扩流


  • RE: ADM7172_AEC-Q100

    Hi, Josh.

    Unfortunately, ADM7172 is NOT yet an automotive part. It will soon.

    Alternate parts for ADM7172 are also NOT yet released to automotive. There are LDOs currently on qualifying stage for automotive and it will be released soon.