• ADM7171

    请问ADM7171数据表里面的headroom voltages是什么意思

  • ADM7171 Probelm


    We are using ADM7171 adjustable regulator from 5.5V (input) to 5.0 Volts (Output). Recently we got a new batch of IC's and all the IC's are not regulating the output. Suppose we give 5.0 Volt input it gives output of 5.0 - VDO(dropout Voltage)…

  • ADM7171 EN pin short-mode


    Is there possibility that ADM7171 EN pin could be shorted to GND due to an internal protection circuit?

    An our customer saw voltage of the EN pin was 0V even though their processor connected to ADM7171 drove High state. So They were concerned if…


    Hi Sss,

    I have checked the ADM7171 data sheet and it seems that the θJA used for the 500mm2 copper size was 56.4°C/W (θJA for 1000mm2 copper size) instead of 68.1°C/W (θJA for 500mm2 copper size) as shown in the computations below.

    TJ = TA + PD x…

  • RE: Power Dissipation of ADM7170, ADM7171 and ADM7172.

    Hi Alroy,

    The difference in current ratings for ADM7170, ADM7171 and ADM7172 is due to their difference in "Current-Limit Threshold" which is shown in the specification table of the data sheet. If you will notice in the specifications table, the current…

  • RE: ADM7171ACPZ-1.8 output voltage abnormal uprise


    Most likely cause is that the FPGA  digital interface (likely SPI CSB, SCLK, SDIO being out drivers)   is operating with a supply that is greater than the 1.8 V DRVDD supply hence "sourcing" current into the ADM7171 device (which usually only has source…

  • ADM7171 En pin not connected to VIN

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using the ADM7171 in the following configuration VIN=2.5V and VOUT=1.8V.

    The EN pin is not tied to VIN. The EN pin would be connected to a reset network having

    a maximum voltage of +3.3V From the datasheet i can see a minimum for…

  • ADM7170, ADM7171, ADM7172 soft start

    Is the soft start cap used to bypass the reference?

    Is there a max SS cap I can use?

    The description says also that SS needs to be left open when not used, but could the SS pin be used also as a REF in or Track function to lower the output voltage?…

  • RE: what happen with the fix output voltage adm7171 ?

    Hi Quyen,

    The formula for the output voltage in adjustable mode is: VOUT = VREF x (1 + R1/R2). When using the adjustable model, the VREF = 1.2V, therefore the formula becomes: VOUT = 1.2V x (1 + R1/R2).

    The fixed model you used, the 5V model (ADM7171ACPZ…