• ADM7154 LTspice

    Does anyone have a LTspice component file for the ultralow noise voltage regulator ADM7154 ?

  • ADM7154-04 max outptut volatage?

    Hi all,

    I'm building test boards for some RFIC's and considering ADM7154-04 as a power supply for 1.2V and 3.3V rails.

    But, since these are test boards, I have to test IC's with power supply which varies +- 5%.

    So, for +5%  of 3.3V is…

  • ADM7154 Eval Board Gerber file


    I want to use ADM7154 LDO in my design.

    could you please share gerber files of ADM7154 LFCSP Eval Board?

    if I want to use it for clock ciruitry in my DAQ system, do you have any recommendations for GND path? I think in the gerber files of AD…

  • ADM7154 EN pin

    If the EN pin is driven to 2.5V while VIN floats, does any damage occur to the part;  Is there any chance there would be backflow current from EN to VIN?

  • ADM7154 Dropout voltage


    What will be the maximum dropout voltage with these parameters:






  • ADM7154 enable pin voltage level


    In ADm7154 datasheet, the EN input, Logic HIGH is specified from 1.13 to 1.31V.
    We intend to pull up this pin to voltage input, 5V5.
    Is this correct?

    Vishnu R.

  • ADM7154 PSRR and Noise graphes


    Why the PSRR and Noise graphed stop at 10MHz? Can I gae the data up to 200MHz?



  • ADM7154, ADM7155: Is the soft start time programmable?

    ADM7154, ADM7155: Is the soft start time programmable?


    Yes. ADM7154/ADM7155 use internal soft start to limit the inrush current. The
    rise time in seconds of output voltage (from 10% to 90%) is approximately
    0.0012×Cbyp (Cbyp in uF)
  • ADM7154, ADM7155: What is the recommended headroom voltage?

    ADM7154, ADM7155: What is the recommended headroom voltage?


    The recommended headroom voltage (headroom = VIN – VOUT) will depend on the
    requirements in each individual application. These LDOs are typically operated
    at 500mV to 1V  of…
  • [ADM7154] doubt on thermal resistance for SOIC package

    Hi to all,

    on ADM7154 datasheet it's reported thermal resistance for SOIC-8 package (junction-to-ambient) as 36,9 °C/W "in worst case".
    What does "worst case" exactly mean?
    Reading datasheet (Thermal data) I understand thermal…