• ADM7150 input capacitor choice (ESR, Bias voltage variation)


    I am designing a 5V supply using ADM7150, with an input voltage of 9V. I am having a conflict with the choice of the input capacitor. According to the datasheet (table 2), the minimum Cin should be 7uF, with an ESR<0.2Ohm. This should be guaranteed…

  • Can I use ADM7150 family for precision IMU design?


    I'm working on high precision IMU/AHRS using high end accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. I'm looking for best power supply chip to power these MEMS sensors to reduce noise in the circuit as much as possible. Is ADM7150 a good choice? Any…

  • 1/f noise of the ADM7150/ADM7151 be reduced?

    How can the 1/f noise of the ADM7150/ADM7151 be reduced?


    The BYP capacitor value can be increased to reduce the noise below 1 kHz at the
    expense of increasing the start-up time of the LDO. Very large values of CBYP
    significantly reduce…
  • ADM7150/ADM7155 - Is this a good IC for powering a DAC?


    First of all - sorry for my grammar, English is not my native language.

    I'm in the middle of component choosing for my new DAC project and I need help with voltage regulators.

    My project will have 3 separate voltage sections - one for digital…

  • ADM7150电源芯片为什么产生5.47V电压



  • 请教专家有关ADM7150里低频PSRR曲线


    我最近阅读ADM7150 Datasheet时,对第12页 figure29有点疑惑。如图,对于低频10Hz~1KHz之间,频率越高,PSRR反而越大,这是为什么?当负载为10mA时,PSRR在这段频率却基本不变,不知道如何解释?真诚希望各位专家帮我解惑,谢谢!

  • ADM7150线性稳压芯片输出电压噪声问题



         附件中是我们采用的测量方法。 谢谢!

  • How can I use the ADM7150 with a output 5V/2.5A, can I use a transistor for the output current?, thank you, Michael.

    It's for input devices sub , DSD , I2S, Spdif, I need 5 V and minimum 2.5A, I'm like use the ADM7150 for this work.

  • RE: ADM7150ACPZ-3.3-R2 versus ADM7150ACPZ-3.3-R7, What's the difference between -R2 and -R7?

    Hi John,

    For ADM7150 LFCSP:

    R2 = reel packaging for 250 quantity

    R7 = reel packaging for 1500 quantity



  • RE: Recommended 1.8V regulator for 8 DDS chips

    Hi Prakash B J,

    You may want to check out the ADM7150 to supply the AVDD and DVDD pins of the AD9959.

    The ADM7150 has an accuracy of +/-2% across load (up to 800mA), line and temperature which is within the +/-5% requirement of the AVDD and DVDD pins…