• RE: ADM7150 LDO Parallel Connection

    But it IS possible? Do you have a reference design for putting these LDO's in parallel? 

  • ADM7150 Bulk Capacitance

    Just wondering how well the ADM7150 handles bulk capacitance. I would like to bypass both the input and output with a 220uF polymer (ESR= 30m ohms), and 10uF and 0.1uF ceramic capacitors. Can the ADM7150 handle the high capacitance, provided that the…

  • ADM7150 LFCSP footprint


    I'm interested in using the ADM7150 in LFCSP footprint (CP-8-11). I downloaded the .BXL file and ran it through Ultralibrarian, but the footprint clearly shows an outline for a 2mm square part even though CP-8-11 shows it as a 3 mm square part…

  • ADM7150 BYP Pin Voltage?

    I want to use a 100 uF Tantalum cap in parallel with a ceramic cap on the BYP pin as suggested by the datasheet to reduce noise at frequencies below 1 kHz. Tantalum caps are huge, however, and I would like to pick the physically smallest one I can. Since…

  • ADM7150 increase output voltage

    Is it possible to increase the ADM7150 output voltage to 12V using this kind of circuit?

    will the output noise increased?

    what is the max and min value of r1 and r2 can be used?

  • ADM7150 Output Impedance vs Frequency


    Are there any plots or measurements of output impedance vs frequency of ADM7150?

  • ADP1613 and ADM7150 layout suggestions


    I'm designing a power supply for data acquisition device which needs clean 5V. I decided to use ADP1613 and ADM7150 ICs to get 6.2V from SEPIC DC/DC converter and 5V from LDO. Power requirement is 5V@200mA and less then 1mV ripple. I want to…

  • ADM7150 Cin and Cout for ADF5355


    One of my customer is designing ADF5355. Now he is design LDO.

    The ADF5355 recommends ADM7150.

    Regarding to the ADF5355 datasheet the Cin and Cout are 1uF.

    But ADM7150 recommend 10uF.

    Which value should we choose 1uF or 10uF?


  • ADM7150 as reference supply for AD7691


    I thought to use the ADM7150 as "reference" and power supply to AD7691 and the 350R bridge.
    As I want to do ratiometric measurement, accuracy and drift should be no problem?

    As the bridge will be chopped (+/-5V), I need a "reference" with…

  • Regarding the behaviour of LDO ADM7150

    i am using LDO from analog devices ADM7150 to generate the output of 5 V from an input supply of 12V. Enable pin is parmanently connected to 6V by using a divider circuit at input supply. I am using this circuit exactly in same manner as given in data…