I am using the ADM707 to generate a reset signal for the CPU.

    I hope this device will be RESETd with PFI input protection in place.
    However, I had a problem when I implemented the schematics described in the ADM705 / ADM706 / ADM707 / ADM708 datasheets…

  • My customer has some technical problems/questions about ADuC848.

    My customer  has some technical problems/questions about ADuC848.

    They used ADuC836 earlier but now trying to use ADuC848BS62-5. They save
    content of the RAM (60 byte/ 15 page) at the EEPROM data memory when power
    down. They
    did not have any…


    I have added ADM708S and power up works as expected.



  • RE: watchdog timer on ADSP-2148X same as ADSP-2147X?

    Hi Ajith,

    As you can see in the HRM, the WDTRSTO pin is an output from the DSP which is a logical AND of the hardware RESET and WDT reset signal. So, the WDTRSTO will be asserted for both the normal hardware reset and WDT reset assertions. Putting the…

  • RE: HPUSB-ICE gremlins again !

    Some further investigation based on what I have read on other forums. When I hold the reset down for a few seconds it then appears to work. Is there any reason why the processor would not initialize based on the default reset pulse from the ADM708 reset…

  • RE: TS101 power

    Hi Xinxizyf,

                  On the EZ-KIT the RESET# signal is generated by the Reset generator ADM708. And the reset to the DSP(DSP_RESET) signals are derived from the RESET# signal. The reset signal will be generated as per the requirement on the datasheet.




    You can have a look at BF506F EZkit manual to see how different power domains are powered:


    You can use either of the crystals depending on which…

  • Interface TS201 with NET 2272, need device and host driver/app code

    Please see the attachement

  • Blackfin Bootup Issue?

    We have been building products with the Blackfin ADSP-BF537 (and earlier products with the ADSP-BF533).  We boot from external flash, use primarily the Eval Board core as the schematic with the ADM708 reset IC and have two Linear Technology LTM8023 modules…

  • RE: Making USB EZ-Extender (21369) appear as USB Device

    Hi Craig ,

    I made a custom board Ts201 with NET 2272. i unable to workout due host side driver.

    (please see the attachement files.)

    The source file for windows driver are not there .

    Can i get windows driver files (.sys and .inf) for TS201 processor…