I have added ADM708S and power up works as expected.



  • RE: TS101 power

    Hi Xinxizyf,

                  On the EZ-KIT the RESET# signal is generated by the Reset generator ADM708. And the reset to the DSP(DSP_RESET) signals are derived from the RESET# signal. The reset signal will be generated as per the requirement on the datasheet.


  • RE: HPUSB-ICE gremlins again !

    Some further investigation based on what I have read on other forums. When I hold the reset down for a few seconds it then appears to work. Is there any reason why the processor would not initialize based on the default reset pulse from the ADM708 reset…

  • RE: watchdog timer on ADSP-2148X same as ADSP-2147X?

    Hi Ajith,

    As you can see in the HRM, the WDTRSTO pin is an output from the DSP which is a logical AND of the hardware RESET and WDT reset signal. So, the WDTRSTO will be asserted for both the normal hardware reset and WDT reset assertions. Putting the…



    You can have a look at BF506F EZkit manual to see how different power domains are powered:


    You can use either of the crystals depending on which…

  • Blackfin Bootup Issue?

    We have been building products with the Blackfin ADSP-BF537 (and earlier products with the ADSP-BF533).  We boot from external flash, use primarily the Eval Board core as the schematic with the ADM708 reset IC and have two Linear Technology LTM8023 modules…

  • ADuC848: Contents of RAM is not fully saved to EEPROM

    My customer  has some technical problems/questions about ADuC848.

    They used ADuC836 earlier but now trying to use ADuC848BS62-5. They save
    content of the RAM (60 byte/ 15 page) at the EEPROM data memory when power
    down. They
  • Remote FW download for the ADuC7026


    I have a deeply embedded application where frequent FW updates are a requirement. I will have access to toggle the boot-mode(BM) and reset(RST) pins to tell the MCU to enter the serial download state. So, I plan to send a command downstream to the…

  • 伺服电机控制解决方案

    针对电机控制解决方案,ADI公司提供了门类齐全的产品组 合,其中包括了模数/数模转换器、放大器、嵌入式处理器、 iCoupler®数字隔离器、电源管理器件和实时以太网解决方案; 这些高性能的器件和增加系统集成度有助于实现更新型的拓扑 结构设计,为客户实现系统的差异化设计带来价值,比如,更 快主频的处理器可以运行更加复杂的算法,高性能的ADC可以 支持更高性能的电流环控制等等。伺服驱动系统的性能同用户 最终所构建的运动控制系统的性能和所能提供的精度密切相 关,多数情况下,最终的用途可以是一个高精度数控机床系…

  • 网络化电机控制解决方案

    针对电机控制解决方案,ADI公司提供了门类齐全的产品组合,其中包括了模数/数模转换器、放大器、嵌入式处理器、 iCoupler 数字隔离器、电源管理器件和实时以太网解决方案;这些高性能的器件和增加系统集成度有助于实现更新型的拓扑结构设计,为客户实现系统的差异化设计带来价值,比如,更快主频的处理器可以运行更加复杂的算法,高性能的ADC可以支持更高性能的电流环控制等等。伺服驱动系统的性能同用户最终所构建的运动控制系统的性能和所能提供的精度密切相关,多数情况下,最终的用途可以是一个高精度数控机床系统、网络化运动控制系统或机器人系统…