• ADM706: IBIS model

    Is the IBIS models of ADM706 available now?


    We don’t usually have ibis model for our parts, but we do have a basic ibis
    model for the old ADM706R (data code before 0845).
    Most of the parameters would be the same for the two parts.…
  • PFO response time on ADM706


    I wan to find PFO response time on ADM706

    I see the ADM706P  datasheet

    Figure 8. PFI Assertion Response Time

    is it means PFO response time is around 500ns x 6 = 3ms  ?

    is this a fix value ? or depend on voltage ?

  • 关于电源管理芯片ADM706




  • ADM706: What is the difference between difference ADM706PARZ and ADM706RARZ?

    What is the difference between difference ADM706PARZ and ADM706RARZ?


    ADM706P has active high reset and ADM706R has active low reset.
  • ADM706: what happens if WDI Pin is left open or "High Impedance"

    our ADM706P/ADM706R/ADM706S/ADM706T supervisory chip used to offer a “Watchdog
    Inhibit function”: If you left the WDI input unconnected or high impedance, an
    internal voltage divider would pull the WDI input  to a third logic state, in
  • Alternate part


    Is there a IC similar to ADM706 but having a chip enable for WDT block.




    in that case why not use ADM706? it does have a T model that monitors 3.3V (ADM706TARZ), with similar reset timeout. 


  • RE: use a ADM706T with a Microchip PIC?

    Hi Eric,

    Neither SHARC21489 nor ADM706 (nor most of the reset ICs) would be able to withstand 12V on their pins.

    The requirement of 18F series PIC is quite unique, and after some research, you can either do it with discrete components as shown below…

  • RE: Watchdog constant RESETn

    Hi Idan,

    Some parts like ADM705 ADM706 ADM8699 ADM699 etc would have WDO pin which is the dedicated output pin of the watchdog timer. This pin would remain asserted after watchdog timeout until WDI toggle or RESET is generated.

    Maybe you can make use…


    ADM811TARTZ is perfect as Logic Low RESET for ADAU1701 and I use it in different hardware.
    I have to modify a hardware with on board ADAU1701 and I need an IC identical to ADM811TARTZ but with integrated also the function POWER FAIL INPUT, to check the…